New Transcontinental Business Amenity Kit Versus Old:

I was happy to see that I got the “old” American amenity kit on my flight from LAX-JFK during Spring Break. American has its own amenity kit for the Transcontinental Business Class passengers which is different from International Business Class. American Amenity Kits are always changing!

Old Amenity Kit:

American Amenity Kits

Old Transcon Amenity Kit

It’s a leather “pouch” that isn’t fully sealed by Cole Haan. It has a toothbrush and toothpaste, plus earplugs, eyemask, socks and Bigelow body lotion and lip balm.

New Amenity Kit:

American Amenity Kits

I received the new kit on my flight home from JFK-LAX just 5 days later and the case felt cheaper and was plastic-like but it could fully close with a zipper. The only difference in terms on contents is that the old kit gives a toothbrush + toothpaste, while the new kit gives minibrushes that don’t need water!

The Verdict:

Both are pretty basic kits that give earplugs, eyemask, socks and Bigelow body lotion and lip balm. I like how the new kit has a zipper but I prefer the leather pouch in terms of quality.

Have you had these American amenity kits? What do you think?

Happy travels,



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