Targeted: Free Platinum AA Status

I thought it was spam and nearly deleted the email with the subject header, “Free Platinum status for you”.  It turned out to be from American Airlines and it’s a totally legitimate targeted offer!

I am one of those people who don’t usually get targeted offers.  Even if I do, I’d expect to get targeted for a Gold offer.  This targeted Platinum offer is a pleasant surprise, even if the status only lasts through 9/7/2018.

The other piece that is enticing to me is the “17 500-miles just for registering”.  That’s more than enough to upgrade on a transcontinental flight.  I have some trips coming up booked on other airlines, and I won’t be changing those plans since those are non-refundable tickets.  Still, the stickers may just be an incentive enough for me to shift any other upcoming summer travel plans to AA.


a screenshot of a white text

Nice Targeted Offer

American Airlines had long been my preferred airline, though I have been shifting most of my business in recent years.  I definitely haven’t been flying enough with them in the past year or this year to warrant being targeted for this offer. In fact, I have not flown on AA at all last year.  I’m not at all complaining, but it does make me wonder what kind of algorithm AA Marketing use to target the offer population.

Check your email.  Don’t automatically delete if you get an email with a generic “Free Platinum status for you” in the subject header!

Did you get targeted for this offer? Are you going to aim for extending the platinum status?