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Ora’s Amazing Herbal markets itself as a “top-quality, vegan, cruelty-free” provider of beauty and skincare products. This review of a swath of their products ranging from body oils to powders, cleansers, and more. Lady Hotelion would certainly love to try these products, and perhaps some would be of use to you!


Package & Contents

The package arrived in a small non-descript brown box, slightly smaller in width and length than a shoebox. The gift box was a wide array of products as mentioned, and consisted of several different types of products as well:

  • Body Oil – Unscented (7.5oz), and two travel sizes – Unscented (2oz), Clean Scent (2oz)
  • Body Powder – Sweet Love (0.5oz), Blissful Earth (0.5oz)
  • Body Butter – Citrus Grove (1oz), Peppermint Field (1oz)
  • Face Powder – Rejuvi C Facial Mask Powder (0.6oz), Squeaky Clean Facial Cleanser Powder (2.5oz)
  • Hair & Beard Oil – Fresh Scent (0.25oz) and Revive Scent (0.25oz)
  • Skin Salve – Touchy Skin (1oz) and Tattoo (1oz)


Product Reviews

Body Oil

These body oils came with press dispensers like a lotion, but also packaged with push tops, like a spray. Quite handy. Testing some on my hands made the palms and fingers very oily – as expected, but not other skin like my forearms and back of my hands. The unscented was just that – without any smell of any kind. The Clean scent one was quite good – like a minty fresh / lime taste.

To apply, massage into skin, or apply a few drops to damp skin after a bath. These would be great for moisturization or massage – I’m sure that Lady Hotelion would enjoy that. I did feel I had to wash my hands after, as I tend to not like my hands oily.

With the 2oz size costing $10, and the 7.5oz size costing $19, I’d love for customers to test these perhaps at a pop-up before purchasing.


Body Powder

These two little cute cylinders reminded me of salt and pepper shakers. They were a pain to open, requiring you to push a small tab in to access the powder. One was especially difficult that I had to use a key to stab through the plastic.

The Sweet Love smelled like a cross between a massage parlor, infused with all those oils and aromas, and an Asian or Hindu temple, with incense and more. The Blissful Earth one smelled faintly of Eucalyptus and nature-y, which would make sense.

They range from $7-8 for a half ounce, and also were pushed for use after showers, cleaning shoes, and more. I found this quite interesting, and will test it out the next time my shoes (or hers) smell especially bad.


Face Powder

The Squeaky Clean Facial Cleanser seemed interesting – mix with water, massage into and leave on your face. Seems simple enough. Smelled strongly like dried peaches or plums or the like. It says mix in the palm, but as I did that and added water a bunch of it dripped out, so be sure to do it over a sink! It got into a creamy paste, and smelled closer to raisins when I applied it to my face. It had little beads, similar to exfoliates, and I definitely felt refreshed with a nice chill on my face during and afterwards! I can definitely see myself using the rest of this for a quick pick-me-up.

The Rejuvi C Powder Mask works similarly, and smelled like berries. I’ll probably keep this one in my toiletries bag for travel purposes.

Squeaky Clean only comes in the full 2.5oz size for $24, and the Rejuvi C comes in the 0.6oz size for $8, or the full 2.5oz size for $24.


Other Products

For the Body Butter, Hair & Beard Oil, and Skin Salve, I gave those to others and will edit in their responses and feedback when I get them, after they experience and test the products. I don’t have tattoos so I would not be able to provide perspective on that, for example.



If you’re thinking about ordering some, don’t forget to sign up for their email list to get 10% off your order! Shipping is free with orders over $50, and Returns are free (unopened, and within 30 days). Interestingly they default to shipping to New Jersey where they are based in Englewood, applying the sales tax there as well. Simply enter your address to get an updated shipping and sales tax quote.

I definitely will find a use for some of these items, especially as we travel a ton. With many of them in convenient travel sizes, we can take them on the go and take a little bit of home and body maintenance with us.

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Sponsored – this review is sponsored by Ora‘s Amazing Herbal via their affiliate advertising agency. 

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