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Self-Upgrading is Stealing. Period. – The Gate

I can’t imagine trying to simply sneak into a higher class of service. The fact that flight attendants are too worried about the hassle of booting someone from premium economy is beyond me. If I paid 2x the cost for premium economy and someone else “self upgraded” on a cheap economy fare, I would be livid. The only time I see switching seats as totally appropriate is if you’re in the same class of service and switching to an empty seat.

IHG PointBreaks Dead? Company Axes Best Promo, But Is Gone It For Good? – Miles to Memories

I don’t know what to say if IHG has axed one of the few really good unique features of their program. The rest of the program is just awful. The utter lack of tangible elite benefits and the devaluations year after year make it one to avoid. I’m still happy with my $49 annual free night. But aside from that, there isn’t much to love without Point Breaks. What’s next? Will they dump Accelerate?

Everything You Need To Know About The Coronavirus Outbreak – Point Me to the Plane

With an approximately 3% death rate of those infected, the coronavirus isn’t something to take lightly. I’m the furthest thing from a germaphobe, but I would be reconsidering travel to China at the moment. I have a stopover in Shanghai planned for later this year. We’ll see where things stand when it gets closer.

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