A pretty standard random-holiday fare sale from your low-cost short-jaunt airlines JetBlue and Virgin America is here for Valentine’s Day! Both coasts are involved, with both short and long flights (even international to Bermuda) for cheaps. More dates, details, and blackout information below! These sales are only good until tomorrow, 2/15, for JetBlue, and next Monday, 2/20, for Virgin America.



JetBlue Sale

JetBlue Sale!


Great deals here – starting from $39 from San Jose to Long Beach, California (one way), for those wonderful spring jaunts. Or, try $49 from DC to Charleston to explore the east coast.

Other highlights include Orlando to Mexico City for $119, or Fort Lauderdale to Cancun for $149. Cross-continental flights are about the $189 to $204 range, which is decent at best.

Example Selection below!

JetBlue Sale from San Francisco

JetBlue Sale from San Francisco. from JB site.


JetBlue Sale Details

Book by February 15th (Wednesday) by 11:59PM ET!

Travel is valid between March 1st and May 24th, excluding blackout dates of 4/11 – 4/12/17 (all cities) & 4/18 – 4/19/17 (BOS, PVD, ORH, BDL, BTV, PWM only)

Obviously, these are the base rates – as demand picks up and seats get taken, the rates may go up depending on route, city, or time of booking. So check early if you know you’re going somewhere!


Virgin America

Finally, an excuse to use all those points I’ve transferred from Starwood! Remember, for Virgin –point costs are tied roughly to the dollar cost of the flights. Thus, during a sale, point costs will similarly be on “sale”.

Virgin America Sale and Examples

Virgin America Sale and Examples


Virgin’s sale of one-way fares starts at a higher $49, but they will donate $10 of each ticket to the American Heart Association. Why not fly cheap and do good at the same time?

Highlights include Portland to SF or vice versa starting at just $63, or San Francisco to Las Vegas for $79 (a wonderful excuse to go for a reasonable price) LINK.

Also, their variety of Mexico fares are quite tempting. Vacation anyone? Lastly, you can also click on the “Elevate Points” tab to switch back and forth between dollar costs and point costs. This will allow you to get the best valuation for your points and help plan travel accordingly.

Virgin America Sale fares to Mexico!

Virgin America Sale fares to Mexico! from VX site.


VX Sale Details

Virgin requires the standard 21 day advance purchase, and this sale is good until February 20th, at 11:59pm CT. The Travel period is between March 7th and May 6th, so you have a good two months for these deals. As for all Virgin America sales, their lowest sale fares are only valid for travel on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I could not see the blackout dates, as they were not listed in the terms and conditions.

One final note – Virgin will donate $10 for every ticket sold during the sale (called “Bring Your Sweetheart”), but only to a maximum donation of $25,000. You can safely assume 2,500 tickets will be sold between now and 2/20. That’s 350 tickets per day, or about 15 tickets per hour of the sale. Do not let this feel-good PR attribute sway you to purchasing tickets you might not need.



Lastly, please note: these sales are only good until tomorrow, 2/15, for JetBlue, and next Monday, 2/20, for Virgin America. So, get booking! Nothing jumps out for me, but hopefully some of the deals could help you in your future travel plans.


Featured image from Pixabay of a jetliner taking off.  Original article here. Virgin America here and JetBlue sale link here.


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