I’ve only recently started to fly out of New York (LaGuardia) Airport this year. I was quite excited to try out this airport, as when I was growing up as a kid it was known as one of the worst airports. Fast forward to 2022, Delta opened the new Terminal C, after 6 years of construction.

I’ve visited the Sky Club at LGA a few times now, and believe it’s one of the best Sky Club’s in the network. They are going to add an outdoor deck by 2024, and an additional bar which will make it the largest Sky Club at over 34,000 square feet. 

Sky Club New York

Delta Sky Club LGA Entrance


There are a few ways to access the Delta Sky Club, you can check this full list if you would like, but some highlights include:

  • AMEX Platinum or Centurion- if flying on Delta
  • Connecting to an international Delta One flight
  • Sky Club Members

You will be able to access Delta Sky Clubs anytime within 3 hours of their scheduled departure time (or connecting customers can access at the connecting airport at any time prior to departure).

Currently, the Delta Sky Club LGA is open Sunday to Friday from 5:00am to 9:30pm, and Saturday from 5:00am to 7:30pm. It is right after security, but depending on where your gate is, it can be a 15 minute walk. The signs at this terminal are great, and will give you an ETA of how long it will take to walk to your gate.

Arrival At the Delta Sky Club LaGuardia Airport:

Once you’re in, you’ll be guided to a self-service kiosk that has an associate to assist and scan your boarding pass. Since my AMEX Platinum Card had been saved on my Delta account, I didn’t even need to show it, and the kiosk said welcome in. Awesome!

A large escalator will then whisk you up one more level into the Sky Club. The high ceilings make the club feel massive, but the large crowds perhaps also make it feel a little smaller at the same time. The lounge looks very similar to the new Los Angeles Sky Club that I visited a few months ago.

a person walking up a escalator

LGA Sky Club Escalators

Delta Sky Club LaGuardia

Lounge Center Area

Let’s divide the lounge in two, with the escalators leading you into the center area, and there behind a “back” and “forward” area. The main bathrooms are in the center of the two, and they are a bit more crowded than the ones in the forward area. So I’d recommend the ones in the forward area if you want a bathroom with less foot traffic. The bathrooms are quite spacious, clean, and stocked with Grown Alchemist soap and lotion. They also have a cool feature for touchless doors, where you can wave your hand to open the door.

There aren’t any shower rooms in the lounge which makes sense as LaGuardia is a domestic airport with generally short flights.

Forward Side:

If you proceed straight after leaving the escalators, you’ll find yourself in the main buffet area and bar. I’ve seen different food selections come and go, but they are normally quite good.

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During my February visit, hot items included there was mahi mahi, chicken, penne pasta, beef short rib, salmon, and more. This was probably one of the best selections for a domestic lounge. On my afternoon July visit, string beans, roasted cauliflower, tofu, and bbq chicken rounded up the main dishes.

Additionally, there were cold sandwiches, an assortment of fruits, vegetables, and plenty of salads. This Sky Club definitely had a better food selection than my recent visits to the Salt Lake City (SLC), New York (JFK), and Los Angeles (LAX) Sky Clubs.

Soda machines and coffee machines were also there and easy to use.

Delta Sky Club LaGuardia

Bar Area

Past the drinks counter on the right side, you can find an area with private phone booths. I snagged a spot in one of these on my first visit.

a white door with a chair and a table

Cool Phone Booth

Straight pass the buffet, there is more seating.

a room with tables and chairs

More seating

Then it will lead to a train station-themed room, which will be across the quieter set of bathrooms. I lounged here on my first visit as it was emptier, but on my second visit, it was full.

Regardless of what seat you choose in the lounge, power plugs are everywhere to keep your electronics at 100%.

a room with large windows and people sitting at tables

Train station-themed room

Back Side:

If we go to the “back” side, this area has a ton of seating. Seating options include high-backed chairs for some privacy as well as small desks with dividers to work. And of course, normal sofa-style armchairs are available as well. 

Delta Sky Club LaGuardia

“Back Side” of Lounge

Also on this side, are 3 large desks that can support up to 6 agents to help with all of your ticketing needs.

The second, smaller buffet is located in the back of this area. It features a rotating chef’s action station, as well as some of the offerings that the main buffet offers. Each time I visited, they offered different cool items. The chef’s action station has featured a Chicken Crepe, a Korean Chicken Bao Bun, and Chicken Shawarma. All of these options were quite tasty! A beverage station was here as well for both sodas and coffee.

Delta Sky Club LaGuardia

Second Buffet

a counter with food items on it

Korean Chicken Bao Bun

Overall, I enjoyed all my meals at the lounge, with options from both buffets.

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The Verdict:

Overall, I continue to be highly impressed with the Delta Sky Club LaGuardia Airport. The design of the lounge was great, and the food selection is fantastic for a domestic lounge. I would say it has the best Sky Club food in my comparisons to LAX, JFK, and SLC. I’m always happy to visit the LGA Sky Club!


Have you been to the Delta Sky Club LaGuardia Airport before? How was your visit? Comment below!




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