I was flying on a paid Delta One ticket on a premium transcon from New York back to Los Angeles for the holidays. So, I was able to visit the Sky Club on my visit. Despite being involuntarily bumped (yikes!) from my paid Delta One ticket to the Main Cabin, at least my ticket was still showing Delta One, and I was able to enter the Sky Club with no issues.

Location And Details:

The Delta Sky Club at JFK is located after security near Gate B32. On the bright side for me, this was pretty close to my departing gate B28. It’s one of Delta’s largest and flagship Sky Club’s.

There are decent amounts of ways to access the Delta Sky Club, you can check this full list if you would like, but some highlights include:

  • AMEX Platinum or Centurion- if flying on Delta
  • Flying on Delta One
  • Sky Club Members

You will be able to access Delta Sky Clubs anytime within 3 hours of their scheduled departure time (or connecting customers can access at the connecting airport at any time prior to departure).

The Delta Sky Club at JFK is open daily from 4:45am to 11:30pm.


I arrived to the lounge at a little before 2pm Wednesday. There was a small queue at the entrance, and there was a separate priority line for Delta One Customers, Delta 360°, Diamond Medallion and First Class. By the time I left at 3pm, the queue was over 15-20 people for the general line, and maybe 10 people on the priority line.

a sign in a building

Priority Line

Delta Sky Club New York

Sky Club JFK

Once I got in at the ground floor, you take the escalators up a floor and then arrive at the lounge.

a room with a bar and chairs

Second Floor Lobby

I wanted to see a Sky Club representative to see if any Delta One seats opened up on other flights. Instead of just walking up to a desk, you go to a kiosk to “check-in” and they will text you when someone is available. It ended up being a quick wait and I was able to see someone (but there were no seats on any flight sadly). The kiosk can also be used to book a shower too.

Delta Sky Club New York

Check-in Kiosk

I then took a look at the buffet selection. There were two lines with the same selection to help the lines go by fast. The hot selections included a roasted chicken, potatoes, vegetable pasta and broccoli. Cold options included zucchini salad, Caribbean shrimp, a rice dish and kale salad. Not a bad selection for a normal club/lounge. They also had a Nathan’s Hot Dog Cart in the corner.

Sky Club New York

Hot Buffet Selection

Sky Club New York

Cold Buffet Selection

There was a bar too, and I snapped a pic of the beverage selections. There were complimentary options, as well as premium options for purchase.

a menu on a counter

Bar Menu

The lounge was quite crowded everywhere, but it was a pretty large lounge with a lot of seating. The seating near the dining area is just one section, and there are additional sections surrounding it.

a group of people sitting in chairs in a room

Seating near Dining Area

I did pass by this relatively empty computer area though.

Sky Club New York

Escape to this empty spot.

Sadly, the outdoor Skydeck was closed.

a roped off area with a pile of pillows

Skydeck Closed

I eventually settled back at the entrance. There was a section with spinning chairs and it was a bit emptier.

a plate of food and a glass of water on a table

My Dining Experience

The bathrooms were quite large and clean which was nice, and I saw the shower room area are but did not utilize one on this visit.

The Verdict:

Overall, for a “general” club, the Delta Sky Club New York (JFK) is better than most. But if you are flying Delta One and are expecting a business class lounge such as American Flagship, it does miss the mark. That is probably why Delta is investing to create Delta One Lounges next year.


Have you visited the Delta Sky Club New York (JFK)? How was your experience? Comment below!




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