Since I had a connecting flight, I flew into Salt Lake City (SLC) for the first time ever. I ended up having about 4 hours to spend at the airport due to a delay and missed connection, making it the perfect time to visit the relatively new Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City.

Access + Arrival:

The Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City is located near gate A25 in Concourse A. Due to the layout of SLC, it could be a 15-20 minute walk to your gate if it’s in Concourse B, so make sure to take that into account during your visit.

As of my April 2023 visit, the hours are from 4:45am to 11:30pm daily.

There are numerous ways to access the Delta Sky Club and you can check this full list if you would like, but some highlights include:

  • AMEX Platinum or Centurion- if flying on Delta
  • Flying on Delta One
  • Sky Club Members

You will be able to access Delta Sky Clubs anytime within 3 hours of their scheduled departure time (or connecting customers can access at the connecting airport at any time prior to departure).


When I arrived at the lounge on a Friday around 11:30am, there were no lines, and the lounge was quite empty. As my visit carried on, however, it got more and more crowded. By the time I left the lounge around 3pm, it was quite packed  inside the club and there was a small line outside for those waiting to come in.

Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City


As you enter the lounge, you’re greeted by receptionists as well as self-service kiosks. What I love about the lounge is the ease of accessing it. I can just scan my boarding pass and I’m in. I have access from my AMEX Platinum Card, and since my card is saved under my wallet in my Delta SkyMiles profile, it’s all linked when I scan my boarding pass. How nice!

Similar to the Los Angeles (LAX) and New York (LGA and JFK) Sky Clubs, after you pass reception, you head up the large escalators to take you to the lounge itself.

The Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City is one of the largest Sky Clubs in the network, at more than 28,000 square feet.

The Lounge:

Once you arrive at the top, you’ll see two help desks for flight questions and rebooking. There’s also a kiosk where you can join a virtual queue to request a shower or speak to an agent.

Once you turn left, you’re in the lounge itself. You’ll walk into the main dining area, and there are two bars to the left and right, as well as two buffet areas for food.

Sky Club Salt Lake

Bar and Dining Area

Food Selection:

With regards to the food options during my lunchtime visit, the hot dishes consisted of creamed corn, mashed potatoes, beef stew and green beans. There were also salads, sandwiches and potato chips. The food selection was quite good for a domestic lounge, but a bit lower in quality than what I’ve seen at the LaGuardia Sky Club that I’ve recently visited.

Sky Club Salt Lake

Buffet Area #1

a buffet with food on display

Buffet Area #2

a coffee machine in a room

Beverage Station


If you head to the right side of the buffet and bar, you’ll encounter plenty of seating and also see the outdoor Sky Deck.

Sky Club Salt Lake


The outdoor Sky Deck was quite nice, and the good weather made it a nice place to hang out. There was high-top seating as well as sofa-style seating available.

Sky Club Salt Lake

Sky Deck Seating

a room with a ceiling fan and tables and chairs

Sky Deck Views

Near the Sky Deck, there is some seating in the back that was quieter, and I ended up lounging here for most of my visit. There were also cubicle style desks back here. My seat had plenty of power ports for charging my devices which was great.

a room with chairs and tables

Seating I Enjoyed

I did find it quite funny that every so often a recorded message would go off over the loudspeakers that stated “Please keep feet and shoes off our furniture to maintain our club”. I don’t think I’ve heard that at other Sky Clubs that I’ve been to, or maybe I haven’t been paying attention.

One set of bathrooms was located in this area, and I was impressed with how large and clean they were! Also, it’s really touch-free which is nice as you just have to wave your hand to open the door.

a bathroom with sinks and mirrors


More Seating:

If you head back to the entrance and venture to the left side, you’ll pass by a nice seating area with a fireplace.

Sky Club Salt Lake


You’ll also pass an area with private phone booths if you need to work in some peace and quiet, as well as unique desks with reclining chairs.

Sky Club Salt Lake

Office Seating

There are an additional set of bathrooms out here, as well as a candy station set up. At the end of this area, are the two shower rooms. Since I had a very early start to my day, I decided to take a shower and freshen up. I visited the kiosk around 1pm and I got a text stating that I was next in line and my estimated wait time was 18 minutes. In three minutes it ended up being ready and the text told me to head over to the shower service desk.

I was quickly helped when I got to the shower service desk and was assigned the first room. I immediately was struck by how nice it was! It was definitely in the leagues of many international first-class lounges I’ve been to.

Sky Club Salt Lake

Showers at Delta Sky Club SLC

Shampoo, lotion, and body wash were provided by Grown Alchemist, and also an amenity kit provided deodorant and toothbrush/toothpaste. On top of a towel set, a shaving kit, vanity kit, and comb was also provided which was very nice. The toilet even had a mechanism where it would spray out foam to clean the seat.

In terms of the shower, the water pressure was also quite good.

a shower with a shower head

Sky Club Salt Lake City Shower

The shower room was very clean, and a great amenity to have to freshen up on those longer travel days.

The Verdict:

Overall, I truly enjoyed my visit to the Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City. It made a delay/missed connection a lot more bearable, with food, a place to grab a shower, and relaxing lounging areas. While the food wasn’t up to par with the LaGuardia Sky Club, I still rate this Sky Club as one of the best domestic lounges I’ve visited.


Have you visited the Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City? How was your visit? Comment below!




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