I was flying on a paid Delta One ticket on a premium transcon from Los Angeles (LAX) to New York (JFK). With this ticket, I was able to visit the Sky Club on my visit. I was excited to try out the new Sky Club at LAX, which opened in April of 2022. I also recently visited the New York (JFK) Sky Club and if you want to check out that review, you can do so here.

Location And Details:

The Delta Sky Club LAX Terminal 3 is located after security in the “Sky Way” that connects Delta’s Terminal 2 and 3 at LAX. Once you clear security, the lounge will be on your right. They have an additional old Sky Club location at LAX inside Terminal 2, but it’s not as nice.

There are decent amounts of ways to access the Delta Sky Club, you can check this full list if you would like, but some highlights include:

  • AMEX Platinum or Centurion- if flying on Delta
  • Flying on Delta One
  • Sky Club Members

You will be able to access Delta Sky Clubs anytime within 3 hours of their scheduled departure time (or connecting customers can access at the connecting airport at any time prior to departure).

The Delta Sky Club LAX Terminal 3 is open daily from 4:15am to 12:30am.

Visiting the Lounge:

I arrived to the lounge at a little before 11am on a Wednesday. There was no queue at the entrance, so I entered, scanned my boarding pass and went up the escalators to the lounge. The lounge is 30,000 square feet which is one of the largest Delta Sky Club’s.

Delta Sky Club LAX

Sky Club Entrance

Once I got up to the lounge, I noticed that the lounge had a decent amount of people, but it was still relatively easy to find a seat. As my visit progressed, the crowds actually got lighter.

The lounge is split up with 2 buffet stations on opposite sides, with an indoor bar + outdoor bar/deck in between. And of course, various seating options from dining tables to sofas spread out across the lounge.

a buffet with a man standing behind it

Buffet near Entrance

a group of people sitting at a bar

Sky Club Indoor Bar

a large lobby with a group of people

LAX Sky Club

Since it was raining, the outdoor bar and seating area wasn’t too crowded, but it looked quite nice. Interestingly, there was a DJ playing a set outside. I would love to hang out there during better weather.

people sitting at a bar

Sky Club Outdoor Bar

I even found these interesting looking private pods. They seemed nice if you wanted privacy and perhaps wanted to host a Zoom meeting, but for normal relaxing it seemed a bit claustrophobic.

Delta Sky Club LAX

Private Pod

I eventually settled to sit near the second buffet area in the back of the lounge.

Delta Sky Club LAX

Seating near back buffet

Despite this area looking like just dining tables, they had power ports at the bottom of the window frame, so you could sit and still charge your electronic devices.

The back buffet offered a ramen station that served made to order beef ramen, and you could add your own toppings. Sadly, the ramen noodles were overcooked and the beef was quite bad. I believe this offering changes from time to time, as my parents visited the lounge in October and they had tacos instead which they quite enjoyed.

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On a positive note, I also tried the other buffet offerings and they had ribs and cornbread! I found them to be quite tasty.

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Cold sandwiches were also available, along with some salad options and cookies + cupcakes for dessert. I saw some old reviews that showcased a variety of prepackaged snacks as well, but the only one I saw during my visit were tomato Sun Chips. Coffee, tea and soda machines were available as well.

Way in the back, they even have a little candy area, which kids may find fun.

a candy jars on a table


Additionally, the bathrooms were spacious and clean which was nice, and I saw the shower room area are but did not utilize one on this visit. You can reserve a shower via kiosks located around the lounge.

The Verdict:

Overall, the Delta Sky Club LAX Terminal 3 is quite nice and is probably the best Sky Club that I have been to. It’s probably one of the best “general” clubs, and I prefer it to the United Club at LAX which I have visited. I’m excited to see what Delta comes up with for their more exclusive business class Delta One Lounges next year.


Have you visited the Delta Sky Club LAX Terminal 3? How was your experience? Comment below!




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