I’ve been to a couple of “The Clubs” before, specifically at Seattle (SEA), San Jose (SJC), and Dallas (DFW). I happened to have arrived at a gate right in front of the Club at LAS in Terminal 1 D Gates, so I decided to pop-in for a quick visit. Additionally, there’s also another Club at LAS in Terminal 3.


The Club at LAS is located in Terminal 1 post-security at the D Gates. It’s near Gate D33 in located between Brooks Brothers & Tumi. Current hours as of May 2023 are from 5 AM- 10 PM.

If you’re coming from clearing security at Terminal 1 you’ll have to take the Blue Line train to D Gates since the D gates are in their own separate area. From Terminal 3, after passing through security you would take the Red Line train to the D Gates.


You can access the Club at LAS with a Priority Pass Membership. Additionally, you can buy a pass for $50. Access is permitted 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.

My Visit:

After I landed on my Delta flight from New York around 7 pm, I saw the lounge as my gate was right across from it. I wasn’t sure if I could get access upon arrival, but decided to try as I’ve visited other “The Clubs” at other airports and have gained access upon arrival.

A nice and friendly associate scanned my Priority Pass card, and boarding pass and allowed me in.

Club at LAS


Down the hall from the check-in desks, there are single all-gender bathrooms and showers to the right.

Across from the bathrooms were a few rooms with additional seating. One of the rooms contains lounge chairs, and seems to be a “quiet room”. But, all of these rooms were full during my visit.

Heading into the main part of the lounge, to the right is the dining area, and to the left is the main seating area, which is arranged in rows. The main seating area is overlooking the airport, so it is nice to have windows that can see planes outside.

a room with a group of people and tables

Dining Area Seating

Club at LAS

Main Seating

And finally, in the back is a bar area, which was completely full during my visit. Overall though, the seating felt a bit uninspiring, and the decor was kind of bland. I think they could have done a better job with the space and furniture choices.

Food Options:

The selection of food available was quite limited during my 7 pm visit. The buffet counter contained a very basic spread. There was a bowl of greens, carrots, pita bread, brownies, crackers. and whole fruit. Additionally, there were canned sodas in the fridge.

Club at LAS

Buffet Spread

They also had QR codes at each of the tables to order, but the menu was also very limited.

a screenshot of a menu

Menu to Order

There was only a cheese plate, and two soups. I did try the Tomato Florentine Soup and it was pretty good, but the fact that those were the only options was quite disappointing. The other “The Clubs” I’ve visited before all had more food options than the Las Vegas location.

Club at LAS

Tomato Florentine Soup

On the plus side, all the lounge staff was very friendly and attentive.

The Verdict:

Overall, the Club at LAS was quite a basic lounge to visit. The staff was friendly, but food options were severely limited. I probably wouldn’t make extra time to visit this lounge in the future.


Have you been to the Club at LAS at Terminal 1 before? How was your visit? Comment below!


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