Seeing the transfer buses appear next to the plane really makes your heart sink. There is no way to make haste and inevitably you will stand all the way to the terminal mashed against someone you don’t know. Regardless of your airfare, this will be your fate.

Premium customers who arrive on a remote stand in Doha have a very different experience. There are dedicated buses for first class passengers and business class passengers which have quite a large sprinkling of luxe.

High Quality Transfer Buses

A few years back, I had the pleasure of using the business class transfer bus in Doha. Having been used to the usual scrum, this was a total breath of fresh air and I was pretty impressed.

That was nothing though, as it turns out. Flying through Doha in July 2022, we arrived and two buses pulled up. One emblazoned with “Business Class” and the one ahead of it “First Class”.

There was no first class on my flight and passengers ahead of me were being directed to the first class bus. About three people before me, the guy on the ground started directing people to the business class bus, but I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity and ignored him, beelining for the first class bus.

It was not yet full, so I was not subjected to the ignominy of standing for the journey on a set of transfer buses designed to allow you to sit. As you can see above, it’s pretty comfortable and even looks expensive. So this is what first class passengers get on the ground! I could get used to that.

Overall Thoughts

Transfer buses, it turns out, don’t need to be a painful experience. I love how Qatar Airways have specific buses for each class, as it makes for a swifter experience all round. These little assists when travelling are what you pay for when buying a premium ticket.

The oneworld alliance carrier only has first class on its Airbus A380 aircraft. Keep your eyes peeled for the signage on top of the buses when you next arrive, as you too might also be able to snag a ride in the big red seats on the ground.

What do you think of the transfer buses Qatar Airways use at Doha’s Hamad International Airport? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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