It’s generally a bad day when you commence boarding your aircraft and you realise you’re going to be taking the bus. The sinking feeling you get is very real.

During summer it is much more likely that you will need to get the bus to your aircraft as the airports are usually much busier. You can really tell when an airport doesn’t have enough infrastructure to cater for the demand.

Sinking All The Way When Flying Business Class

While taking the bus is pretty bad, it is much worse when you are flying business class or have priority boarding. The benefit is completely useless as you priority board into a bus.

After you comes all the other passengers who do not have priority boarding and if you’re in the wrong position you will be last off the bus behind all the other people. It has happened to me more than once.

There Is A Solution

When travelling with Qatar Airways through Doha, they provide separate buses. One bus is for business class passengers and another bus is for the economy class passengers. This is very handy indeed and it prevents the sinking feeling very well.

First, you know everyone is in business class so there is no need to be concerned in any way. The other reason is that the business class bus is much nicer than the economy class bus. All airports should provide separate buses in this way as it just makes sense.

Overall Thoughts

I’ve had boarding on the brain this week and this is the last one of this batch of posts. I really don’t like having to get a bus to the aircraft as it takes far longer than the usual boarding process.

Airports should take notice and provide two buses or just get their act together and upgrade the airport infrastructure to cope with demand. It is a much nicer passenger experience when there is no bus involved at all.

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Featured image by Chris Sampson via Wikimedia Commons.