After landing, I was happy to get off the plane and see a nice Alaska Lounge right in front of my face! I felt like I could use a soda and snack, so I headed up to the Alaska Lounge at Concourse C. There was no “Full House” sign for Priority Pass Members, so I was really happy.  I have Priority Pass Select from my Hilton AMEX Aspire Card, so I get access to this lounge and get to bring 2 guests.

This was at 2:30 P.M. on a Thursday in case you are wondering. And when I left at 3:30, the “Full House” sign was up!

Alaska Lounge Seattle

This was taken after I left, in which the “Full House” sign for Priority Pass members was put out! I was lucky I got in!

For Alaska Lounges at Sea-Tac, there are 3 locations, at Concourse C, D and the North Satellite.

This “New” Alaska Lounge SEA at Concourse C opened last June, so it’s still considered pretty new! At 4,650 square feet, this Alaska Lounge hosts 87 seats. The lounge is open from 5am until midnight.

First Impressions:

It was nice and new, but the lounge felt a bit cramped! Much smaller than I thought it would be. Even though it was pretty packed, I luckily found some seating near the windows and food area. One pet peeve was how stained the seating was! Considering it’s less than a year old, all the seats had HUGE stains (coffee, food, etc) and it just was a bit of an eyesore.

There were light-snacks, with some crackers, two soups and a salad bar. I thought the chicken-noodle soup was a nice snack after a flight. My mom got a salad, but sadly she said the eggs were super rubbery. Of course they had the famous Alaska pancake machine but I didn’t feel like trying a pancake at the time haha. On second thought, maybe I should have tried the pancake…

In the back of the lounge there is a nice little bar, and some more seating. I did like doing some plane watching during my visit.

The Verdict:

Overall, the Alaska Lounge SEA at Concourse C is a decent place to relax and get some snacks. The lounge is new, with a lot of natural light that makes the lounge look happy and airy. Minus the stained seats, I still enjoyed the lounge!

Have you been to the Alaska Lounge SEA at Concourse C? What did you think?


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