When thinking about ways to improve your air-travel experience, we often only consider the time we spend up in the air, but our mood at the airport and before the flight can significantly impact the overall inflight experience. Following on from Is Premium Economy Really Worth It?I’m now asking the question is airport lounge access really worth it? Stay tuned til the end for an exclusive That Airline Guy special offer…

Until recently, lounges were reserved for the high-flying premium passengers, but an increasing number of airports are now featuring lounges accessible to passengers of any class, on a pay-per-entry basis. They vary in facilities, size and amenities, but generally offer complimentary food, drink (including alcoholic beverages), WiFi, computers/printers, and space to relax, while the more high-end ones can offer beds, shower facilities and massages/spa treatments. Entry to these ‘airport havens’ usually spans the $20-$50 mark.


‘The Cabin’ lounge at HKG

To weigh up whether this entry fee would prove good value for you, you firstly have to consider how much you would otherwise spend at the airport. Tally up the amount you’d be set back for buying a coffee/newspaper/drink/meal/WiFi, all of which would be free in the lounge. Of course, if this surpasses the lounge fee, by all means jump in headfirst.

The next thing to consider is how much you will value the comfort and escape from the crowds/chaos that the lounge provides. This often goes hand-in-hand with how much time you’re spending at the airport so is more valuable ahead of long haul flights, or if your flight suddenly announces a significant delay.


Final Thoughts

If I’ve got over an hour’s wait in the airport, I’d generally book myself into a lounge, if it wasn’t already covered as part of my ticket (in Business/First Class). If you fancy pampering yourself next time you’re flying, download the ‘Loungebuddy’ app, and use the credit voucher code airlineguy at checkout to receive $10 off your first lounge visit.

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What’s your favourite lounge? Do you find it worth the price?

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