The Wynn hotel is gorgeous. One of the most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas and it shows. All the artwork, the decorations, the vases, chairs, tables, sideboards, flowers and everything else are the highest quality and seem to be individually chosen for each spot. There are 2,716 rooms and suites in the Wynn hotel.

Arriving in the afternoon:

I arrived at the Wynn in the mid afternoon, gave my keys to the valet and went to check in.

It is a bit of a trek to get to reception from the entrance. Walking around the edge of the casino I was already in awe of the flowers and decorations that I saw.

a carousel with horses and flowers

Carousel with flowers

a walkway with flowers and trees

Wonderful flower archway

Checking in was quite a breeze. I am normally in the hotel a day or two before a big event so there isn’t usually a long line. This area has a magnificent light fitting and great art and it set the tone for the rest of the visit.

a group of people in a hotel

Nice chandelier and art

a hotel reception with rope barriers

Up to my lovely room:

The elevator empties into a waiting type area with the room containing the ice machine just off to the left.

a hallway with doors and a rug

Such elegant elevator doors, light and wall hangings.

a hallway with a door and a chandelier


The room itself:

Room 1926 is nice and high and has a wonderful view of the golf course and the mountains. Off to the side I could see the Sphere which will be open in time for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in November and below is the large pool complex.

a golf course with trees and a waterfall

The room is really pleasant and has quality fittings.

a room with a bed and chairs

The refrigerator of course is stocked with drinks that are available at whatever price has been decided on, but should not to be used for your personal drinks or any other goodies.

a refrigerator with drinks and beverages

There is a drawer with 2 elegant wine glasses and 2 nice solid drinks glasses. A gold plated ice bucket with tongs as well as a snack shelf rounds out the bar area.

a group of glasses in a box

a group of boxes of snacks and a bottle of water

There is more than enough room. I had a single king and there was place for 2 chairs and a small table between the bed and the window, as well as a desk with 2 other chairs to the side.

a bed with white sheets and a foot stool

a chair and ottoman in a room

a table with a lamp on it

There are enough drawers in the chest for my clothes. The top drawer contains the Bible and an express checkout pad.

a book and note on a shelf

The room contains an Amazon Echo that you can use. There is an included Quick Start Guide with some commands you can use and instructions on creating your own.

I didn’t program it but I can imagine it would be quite fun to play with. “Open the curtains” or “Switch on the tv” and so forth.

a telephone and a paper on a table

On the table next to the bed is a control pad for controlling curtains and lights, as well as a phone and various power and usb plug points.

a remote control and a phone on a table

Reflected in the table on the right you can see the controls on the wall for lights, curtains and shade too.

A cupboard contains a safe, ironing board, iron, luggage racks, extra blankets and laundry details.

a clothes rack with swingers and a towel on a table

Elegant bathroom:

a bathroom with a mirror and two sinks

The bathroom is very elegant and is all top quality. It has twin sinks, a bath, a separate shower and a toilet.

a shower with a shelf and a bar

a bathtub and sink in a bathroom

Nice art above the bath

A shaving mirror with a shelf and power and usb outlets is a nice touch.

a mirror on a wall

Very nice toiletries are provided and a tray of other useful bathroom goodies. The quality of the shampoo and conditioner is top class. Everything provided is really elegant quality.

a couple of brown bottles of shampoo a group of items on a tray

There are 2 bathrobes provided for use while in the hotel. All in all a really nice and substantial bathroom.

a white robe on a swinger

On the walls in the room and even above the bath there is original art work. There is so much great art throughout the whole hotel and convention center.

Hotel facilities:

This hotel has the most elegant entrance to the hotel gym, sorry ‘fitness center’  I have ever seen. It is elegant and stylish and has the fitness center entrance on the right and the spa on the left.

a room with a large round table and chairs

Some nice and fancy machines in here.

a room with treadmills and computers a room with a mirror wall and a person's reflection

This downstairs area also contains a salon for creative hair and a barbershop for more regular cuts.

a glass door to a store a barber shop with a chair and shelves

A unique area here is the Nutridrip clean market where you can get an infusion (drip) of many substances you feel you might be in need of.

a glass door with gold handles

Wedding chapels:

I found the wedding chapel area down towards the convention center. There are 2 delightful ladies at the wedding reception and they allowed me to look around. There are 2 different sized chapels as well as an outside wedding area. They said they have up to 10 weddings a week there. Amazing.

a room with white chairs and chandeliers a small patio with a bench and a table

The look cool in your bathing suit area:

The pool area is as special as you would expect from a high class hotel like the Wynn.

a swimming pool with trees and chairs

There are 3 or 4 different pool areas you can choose to spend your time at, including an adults only pool.

a pool with people in it

Towels, deck chairs, drinks service are all readily available. There are 2 lifeguards available at each pool area too.

a pool with chairs and umbrellas a pool with chairs and trees

Convention facilities:

I will do a more extensive visit to the convention area and the decorating and design later but here are a few special moments.

a sign from the ceiling

This is the elegant drinking fountain.

a wall with a water fountain

The marble rest room facilities.

a bathroom with sinks and mirrors

Tea and coffee service in the convention center.

a table with food on it


Everything the Wynn provides is pure class. I lost count of the number of times I noticed that the way something was provided had a little extra involved. The 3 different types of sugar cubes provided with tea is a perfect example.

The Wynn is everything you would expect and more. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas and is the winner of multiple top of their class awards and travel recognitions. It has regularly been awarded the title of Best Luxury hotel in Las Vegas and I would recommend it in a heartbeat.