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With the ubiquity of smartphones, one of my very first posts on this blog is on whether digital cameras are still needed when you travel.  I like to travel light. While I like the ease of taking pictures/videos on the iPhone, I never seemed have enough storage space.  I contend that I still need to carry my small digital camera around when I travel, at least until there is an expandable storage option.

Flash Drive for iPhone/iPad is Available

Apparently, that solution may be here already.  Just this week, an ad on a news-feed piqued my interest.  You can purchase a flash drive for the iPhone/iPad (lightning adapter compatible).  It comes in various storage sizes starting at 32GB to 256GB, depending on your storage needs.


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SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 32GB for iPhone and iPad

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Review Coming Soon

Needless to say, I am excited about this little gadget and placed an order for one.  If the flash drive works as intended, I expect that it will cover most of my photo and video storage needs.   I plan to use it on a upcoming trip and test out the quality and reliability of this little device.

Granted, if you already own a phone that comes with expandable microSD card storage (i.e. Samsung Galaxy), this actually isn’t a big deal.  However, the iPhone is what it is, and it doesn’t come with expandable storage space.  While Apple offers iCloud storage, it’s not always the optimal option due to limited or expensive internet connection when you are traveling.

For those of us with photo and video storage needs on the iPhone, this little gadget could just be the next best thing.


Have you used a similar device for your iPhone’s storage needs?   How was your experience?