Want to feel a bit more royal in the air? Business class passengers on Brussels Airlines intercontinental flights can, thanks to new amenity kits. The airline is introducing elegant in-flight amenity kits created by a designer to the European Royals. Okay, amenity bags aren’t big news. But they are a nice little perk for those not flying in cattle class.

Edouard Vermeulen, founder of the iconic NATAN brand, is behind the new, unisex bags. Created by NATAN and Galileo Watermark, bags are made from vegan leather. Three unique designs will roll out over an 18-month period.

What’s Inside

Unzip your bag and it reveals some in-flight regulars. There’s an eye mask, earplugs, a dental kit and socks. Look a bit further and you’ll discover a pen, moisturizer and, my favorite, lip balm. Now, you won’t arrive with chapped lips when you get to your destination. Cosmetics are provided by RainPharma, a Belgian skincare company.

Ambassadors for Belgium

“As proud ambassadors of Belgium, it has always been important for us to bring the best of Belgium to the world and partner with experts in their respective fields,” explains Nicolas Iritcity, In-Flight Product Manager of Brussels Airlines. “We are thrilled to do so once again with our latest amenity bags. This is a bag that our guests will definitely continue to use after their flight.”

Have a Favorite?

Some airlines really knock it out of the ballpark with their inflight amenity kits. Who has your favorite kit and why?