My mom is opposite of me when it comes to certain things.  For example, I love checking out new consumer technology; she couldn’t care less about it.  She uses the iPhone for making calls, taking pictures and watching youtube videos.  She is only starting to get the hang of text messaging.

I still remembered the time when I was trying to show her something on my laptop.  I had stepped away for a minute and came back to find her pressing — with intention — on my laptop screen.  I asked what she’s doing.  She explained, in a concerned tone, that my computer is not working.  I doubled over in laughter.  I explained to her that it’s not quite the same as an iPhone.  We both had a good laugh.

Her Passion

While a little behind the times in technology, my mom has a passion for cooking (which is a shortfall of mine).  Recently, I came across a stash of photos that my Mom had taken when we visited Seoul for the first time.  People take photos of things or places they are most interested in.  My photos are usually full of landscape shots and family moments, but then I came across some of the pictures my mom took…

Looking Through My Mom’s Travel Lens

It wouldn’t even have occurred to me to take these pictures (and I don’t), yet it’s so her.

It’s really a fascinating thing to look through someone else’s lens.

When we travel, we try to do as the locals do. We visit local markets and grab snacks.  It turned out while we were at the market, my mom was up to no good.

She took pictures of the meat section…

IMG_2745  IMG_2750














and the seafood section…



And of course, you can’t forget the healthy fruits section…









Even though we were staying at a hotel, and there was no place to cook.

And then, there are these curious sets of pictures…
















Hmmm.  I think I’m going to check in on my mom to see if she needs more pots and pans.  😉

Moms are awesome.  Go Celebrate Mom this weekend (really, everyday).


To all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!