I am not a habitual resident of hotels like some people, so I am not an expert on how everything works. That being said, I know to keep checking my hotel price after booking as you can bag big price reductions.

The first time I experienced this was for a hotel in Berlin in 2018. Between booking and my stay, the price reduced no less than four times. Each time I rebooked the same room type, so in the end I saved almost half the original cost.

Hotel Price Check

Currently I have three hotel bookings live, one for later this week and two for next year. For the London hotel, when I booked back in August, the room price for three nights was €717. I’m staying in a few days time and this has reduced to €427, a saving of almost €300!

The same thing occurred with the hotel price for a stay in Honolulu. My booking for six nights was US$1,280 and when I looked again a few months later, the same room was pricing up at US$1,046. I’ll take a US$240 saving any day of the week.

Of course, had I prepaid for the room, I would be out of luck, as it’s not usually possible to change that kind of booking. You would need to book a changeable rate in the first place, but these are plentiful at the moment.

Most of the time you just need to edit your booking, select the same dates, and it will update the rate. Sometimes you might need to finesse it a bit by choosing a different room type, then changing it back again to your original type, but it’s simple enough.

Overall Thoughts

When you could potentially save hundreds of dollars or Euro on the same room type, you would be mad not to take the time to check the prices after you book. As I have demonstrated, big savings can be made.

I am sure the hotels don’t love it, but I don’t care. If they’re going to amend the price, then those of us who are savvy will take full advantage of that to keep some money in our own pockets. Of course, another thing you can do is to upgrade to a better room for the price of your old room, so either way you win.

Have you seen your hotel room price change for the better before? What’s the best saving you’ve made? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or queries, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Brendan Kawamura on Unsplash.
Suite image by Roberto Nickson via Unsplash.