A few weeks ago, I wrote about the new Amex Hilton cards, including the Hilton Aspire card which comes with a $495 annual fee.

Interestingly (and a HT to flyertalk), there were questions around whether a free weekend night is part of the card benefit.  When I login to my account, I see a summary of card benefits.  One of those benefits is the free weekend night.  The benefit summary merely mentions a weekend night reward upon renewal of the Hilton Honors card, with a tag to refer to the fine prints.



A Free Weekend Night in the First Year?

The question is, do cardholders get a free weekend night in the first year?

According to the fine prints, it certainly appears that cardholders do get a reward night in the first year.  See the “You will receive the reward email within 8-14 weeks after opening your Card Account” language.

(I am surprised that this benefit isn’t more prominently featured).

In other words, I certainly expect a weekend night as part of the card benefits.  In fact, it was one of key reasons why I decided to get this card.  Still, given the card was launched in late January, I don’t expect anyone to have any data points until March or April 2018, at the earliest.

It “takes 8-14 weeks after opening the account to receive the reward email”.   It’ll be interesting to see if it actually comes sooner than that.