The Hilton Amex $250 Resort Credit

If you have an Hilton Amex Aspire credit card, one of the benefits that come with the card is the $250 resort credit.  This can help to offset the higher annual fee that comes with this card.

The $250 resort credit is straightforward:

a screenshot of a hotel










For each card membership year (not calendar year), cardholders are able to enjoy a statement credit of up to $250 for eligible purchases at participating resorts.  Eligible charges are flexible – and can include room charge, dining expenses and spa services at the hotel.  If you have a stay at a participating Hilton resorts, you should be eligible to get the $250 credit, provided that you charge it back to your room folio.


Which Hotel is a Participating Resort?

Only a participating Hilton resort would qualify for this resort credit.  Note that a hotel which contains the name “resort”  doesn’t automatically mean that it is a participating hotel.  The best way to check is to visit the Hilton website and filter by resorts.

As of this writing, I can see there are 112 participating hotels/resorts in the USA.

Most of the participating resorts are located in Florida and Southern California.

a map of the united states

Hilton resort search filter (USA)











How long does it take for the Credit to Post?

Based on the terms and conditions, “please allow 8-12 weeks after the eligible Hilton purchase is charged to your Card Account for statement credit(s) to be posted to the Account. Please call the number on the back of your Card if statement credits have not posted after 12 weeks from the date of purchase.

In the past, I have typically received the statement credit within a week of the hotel charge posted on my card.  Most recently, I was on travel and had the charge posted to my account on on 5/24.  The resort statement credit was reflected on my account on 6/2 (10 calendar days later). This is a tad longer than in years past, but it’s still a lot better than having to wait the full 12 weeks.

Generally speaking, I find that Amex is quite generally good about automatically posting these credit statements.  However, if yours doesn’t automatically post, you may have to wait up to the 12 weeks.


Did your statement credit also posted as smoothly?  Is this your favorite perk of this card?