It has been years since I last visited the L.L. Bean headquarter in Freeport, Maine.   Earlier this year, I signed up for one of the outdoor discovery course through the L.L Bean Outdoor Discovery Program.   I had previously participated in a kayaking course at a different location, and I generally find that their programs to be well-organized.  Since I was in the area, it made sense to visit the nearby L.L. Bean Flagship store.

a sign in front of a building

Famous LL Bean Boots








a stuffed deer in a room

Life-like deer at the store








a stuffed bear standing on its hind legs

I don’t know about this…this guy looks a little TOO happy to me.










Is it obvious that I may have been a little distracted when it comes to retail shopping?

Holiday Inn Portland-by-the-Bay

Then, I had a stay at the Holiday Inn Portland- by the Bay, thanks in part to an IHG anniversary certificate.

The hotel is located in Portland, which is just a short drive from Freeport, Maine.

Check in was uneventful and the front desk staff was friendly.  On-site parking available for a $15 fee.  Off-site parking is also available, though I have no idea where it’s at.  If I had gotten there very late at night, I’m not sure I’d necessarily feel safe wandering the neighborhood.  Valet parking is available.

I got a room on a high floor.  It was a comfortable room and a comfortable stay.

a lobby with a couch and doors

Hotel lobby and elevators.

a bathroom counter with a tray of toiletries and other items

Bathroom Amenities.








a tv on a desk in a room

Basic Room

a city at night with lights and water

Pretty night view.








The hotel is of walk-able distance to downtown Portland too.

a street with cars and buildings


a heart shaped sign in a store window

Art display at storefront.








It was a relaxing day.  Of course, it’s not quite the trip without making a stop to the beach.

a sign on a beach

Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

a sand and a roller coaster

Not sure if the promenade is still active.








And of course, the day trip wouldn’t be complete without a stop to picturesque Portland Head Light.

a lighthouse on a rocky hill

Famed Lighthouse

a plaque on a wall









a house with a lighthouse on the roof

Fort Williams Park

a mailbox with a house on top of it

Close enough to pic on the left.











The famous lighthouse is located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I still remembered my first visit to Cape Elizabeth.  My family and I dined at the Lobster Shack at Two Lights.  I remembered climbing on the rocks after the casual outdoor lobster meal and looking over the waters.  The restaurant was closed during this visit, though I have no doubt that it is still a popular day trip /vacation spot during the warmer months.

If you are in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit in my book.


Any other highlights you might recommend to other readers traveling to Freeport or Portland, Maine?