I’ve had more than a few flights where fellow travellers could have used a good shower or deodorant, but I’ve never seen a stinky passenger taken off a plane. On Wednesday night, a Michigan family with a 19-month-old baby was kicked off an American Airlines flight from Miami to Detroit after passengers and crew complained about their body odor. 

Unexpected Exit

The Detroit Free Press and NBC News reported that Michigan resident Yossi Adler was traveling with his wife and young child. The trio was returning home after vacationing in Miami when their travel plans took the unexpected turn. The Adlers, who are Jewish, claim they were booted because of their religion, not their hygiene. Adler captured the encounter on video via his cell phone.

“You told me you didn’t shower today,” an airline employee explained after the family was removed from the flight.

“No, I didn’t,” Adler replied angrily. “I shower every day. I said you kicked me off because of religious reasons.”

“You can’t complain we have odor, seriously,” added his wife.

“I have eight children at home, and there is a religious reason for some reason that they are kicking me off the plane,” Adler shouted. “We don’t have odor. Nobody here has odor.”

“If the captain and the crew don’t want you onboard, it’s their final say. and they have to abide by the other passengers’ wishes,” the American Airlines agent explained tersely.

The conflict continued as Adler accused the agent of taking their baby’s car seat. He demanded that the airline provide a report on why his family was removed.

American Airlines gave the family hotel accommodations and meals on Wednesday and rebooked them on a flight to Detroit on Thursday.

Personal Hygiene Faux Pas

Other airlines have taken actions to remove passengers committing a hygiene faux pas.  In 2016, a Nigerian woman was kicked off a United Airlines flight from Houston. She claimed it was racism and is suing the airline.