The Dublin Airport Authority operate the DAA lounge in Terminal 1, which many airlines serving the Irish capital use. It has gone through a few design amendments over the past number of years.

For an airport operated lounge in Europe, it is at least on par if not better than others I’ve visited. It’s easily better than the lounge in Toulouse for example.

Entering The Lounge

The lounge entrance is located just beside security in Terminal 1 and you go upstairs to access it. When you arrive, there is a reception desk immediately in front of you and when the lounge opened (hours are 05:30 to 17:00 daily at present, according to the DAA website), there was a queue. Amusingly, you needed to enter the lounge to get into the queue.

Theoretically you could just have sat down and enjoyed the facility without any issues. Of course, everyone did do the right thing. The people in front of me wanted to buy a lounge pass (which cost €20 online), but were advised they were not currently for sale.

The DAA Lounge

One of the features of the lounge is a tended bar, where you can get barista coffee and drinks. The website says you are limited to two drinks per person, but I’ve never tried to see how this works in practice. On the left side where the bar is, there is high seating for working.

There are fridges with soft drinks and a basic array of food available. At this time of the morning there was carrot cake, yoghurt and fruit. It always tends to be easy chilled food available here with the hot option only being soup, similar to what happens in the Aer Lingus Lounge in Terminal 2.

Overall Thoughts

I’ve reviewed the DAA Lounge on a number of occasions. The food was much better in 2016, they then did a questionable renovation in 2017. Later the same year, I queried the lack of food choices, but now I’d probably want to go back to those halcyon days, as at the moment it’s meagre compared to then.

I suppose we are lucky to have the lounge at all at the minute, so I’m not complaining. Since I was flying out in business class, I was going to get fed on my British Airways flight anyway, so the food didn’t bother me. It’s always fresh and tasty, so there is that, which is to be expected.

What do you think of the DAA lounge at Dublin Airport Terminal 1? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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