The Aer Lingus lounge in Dublin has been given a refresh, adding new seating and amenities for frequent flyers. While it is still the same basic design, quite a bit has changed inside.

The new arrangement allows for a better use of space, plus many more places to charge devices. There continues to be a free food offering, as well as Barista coffee, which is very handy before those early morning flights.

Aer Lingus Lounge Access

Passengers travelling in business class, as well as AerClub frequent flyers at Silver, Platinum and Concierge level receive access to the lounge. In addition, anyone who has purchased an Advantage or AerSpace fare on European flights gain entry as well, as outlined on the Aer Lingus website.

People with a Gold Bank of Ireland business Mastercard are also in. For now, you are unable to purchase access, but that will likely return once restrictions ease. British Airways Silver and Gold members also receive access when travelling on flights to London.

What Is It Like Inside?

Upon gaining entry, a double height room filled with an array of different seating types greets you. Space is separated by green dividers, making for a more intimate feel than before.

Virtually every seat has a place to charge devices, something the old lounge was seriously lacking. All in all, it looks good and there are plenty of different options to suit your whim.

How About The Food?

The Aer Lingus lounge has never been much of a foodie paradise. I visited early in the morning, not long after the lounge opened at 4:15am and there were breakfast offerings available.

Pleasingly there is Barista coffee available and I availed of one while there. It was quite nice, though you need to take care, as they have to pass the coffee over the food to hand it to you.

There’s A Mezzanine Level Too

Upstairs there is more seating in a quieter area. There are a bunch of large blue pods to hide in, complete with little individual tables to perch bits and pieces on.

This is definitely a place to get away from the hubbub downstairs, as there are always people moving back and forth. Happily you can also see out over the airport, which is always nice.

Bathrooms and Food

The toilets are located near the stairs to the mezzanine and are exactly the same as they always were. Shower facilities are also provided, though I have never had any cause to use them.

I ended up trying a croissant, which was quite nice, as well as some coffee and juice. Everything is quite fine for what it is and the service is very friendly, as it always is when travelling on the Irish airline.

Overall Thoughts

The Aer Lingus lounge at Dublin’s Terminal 2 is quite a pleasant place to wile away the time before a flight. Seating is comfortable and there is just enough from a food standpoint to be okay.

It is not a destination lounge where you would get to the airport early to experience it, but it does the job. Those travelling Aer Lingus Business Class are advised to use the superior 51st & Green Lounge located after US Preclearance. For European flights, this is your option and it’s fine.

What do you think of the refreshed Aer Lingus lounge? Have you used it yet? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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