The Toulouse airport business class lounge is called La Croix du Sud Lounge. I have reviewed this lounge before and found it to be pretty average.

Once again passing through Toulouse, I had access to the facility and visited, wondering if anything had changed. After having a look around, that question was answered.

Toulouse Airport Business Lounge

Design wise, nothing has changed in the two years or so since I last visited, so I suggest you check out the pictures in my previous review to see what it looks like inside. The ground floor remains closed due to the pandemic, so upstairs is where everyone sits.

For those without access due to travel class and so on, the fee to get in is €25. For that, you get a selection of food and drinks, but it’s so meagre that you’d be hard pressed to get any value for money. They do have fresh pastries, but there were none left when I was there.

Overall Thoughts

I find the Toulouse airport business lounge to be quite strange. France is rightfully known for having wonderful cuisine and it just strikes me that they could be doing so much better with the food here.

The drinks selection is also hardly world class, but that is perhaps due to the pandemic. I noticed there were all the makings set out for a Bloody Mary, but there were no spirits to be had anywhere.

A friend of mine visiting this lounge commented she was glad that I had guested her in, as she would have been irritated to have paid €25 for what was there. A very fair point all round, I thought.

Have you been to the Toulouse airport business lounge before? What do you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

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