I am the type of person to listen to a song, or a small rotation of songs, on repeat for many many days. Perhaps, when I travel, I associate certain places with certain music, either intentionally or unintentionally. Then, when I listen to the same songs in the future, I am taken back to the memories and feelings of the particular associated cities or resorts. Or, I connect strongly with the experiences and people with whom I spent time during that phase of music.



a cityscape with a river and a tower

Las Vegas just makes me so laser-focused on raking in the bucks.

For example, I make it a habit to listen to David Guetta’s Dirty Sexy Money (the short version), and NorthKid’s acoustic cover of the same, when I am landing in Las Vegas’s McCarran airport. It just activates that hunter-killer aspect as I stalk the machines that usually pay off. Unfortunately, on my last layover, I noticed a dearth of Plants vs Zombies, which means the over two year reign of winnings may be declining. This song keeps me on toes, and reminds me of my purpose in McCarran – to find the machines and milk them for all they are worth.


Other examples include Panic! At The Disco’s LA Devotee, a great, lighthearted, upbeat song, and any southern California flight. It takes me back to the years I spent there, and of course, why I left.

a sign on a mountain

SoCal! Sun and Surf, Music Galore.



Do any of you do the same? I’ve been told that I’m weird for listening to same song dozens or hundreds of times on repeat, but I like to really dive deep, extracting the different harmonies, melodies, and various subtleties,, as it’s just how my brain is wired. Because of this, it’s not uncommon I’ll listen to the same song over a week or weekend when I’m travelling in a new place. Sure, it might be weird or crazy, but it works for me. I just thought it to be an interesting phenomenon, since any time I hear those songs it takes me back to the people, place, and emotions of the past.



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