Last year, I flew Delta’s new flagship A350 plane from LAX to Shanghai. This time around, I flew the opposite route to see if my flight experience would be different from my previous one.

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Delta Airlines A350 Suites Meal Service

Sadly, I was too optimistic about Delta’s catering this time around. Let’s start off with the beverage service. It caught me off guard when the flight attendant had to take my menu from me because she forgot how to make their signature drink (captured in my youtube video).  When evaluating business products from different airlines the little things matter to me as it allows me to distinguish the good from the bad.

Delta A350 Signature Drink

Signature Drink

Now, moving to the food presentation, it seemed to me the flight attendant made no effort in removing any excess sauce. It looked poorly prepared and the beef looked like it was set too high in the microwave and exploded on my plate. The food quality wasn’t that much better. The beef was too salty and the rice was overcooked.

Delta Airlines A350 Appetizer


Delta Airlines A350 Dinner


One thing I have to give kudos to Delta is their dessert. They seem to always have a good dessert option on board.

Delta Airlines A350 Dessert

Caramel Ice Cream

Again, I was not impressed with breakfast. It consisted of a mushroom quiche, sausage, and potatoes.

Delta Airlines A350 Breakfast


Final Thoughts

Overall, not much has changed from my previous flight experience. The food quality continues to be a problem for Delta but they do make up for in their hard product. The suites are spacious and give you the privacy you need to get some work done or just relax on a long haul flight. If Delta can manage to revamp their menu selection, I think they will have a grand slam when it comes to a business class product.

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