As you might remember, Delta is eliminating complimentary guest access for those who access the Sky Clubs using a credit card product (Amex Platinum, Delta Reserve). As of May 1, 2014, guests will cost you $29 each, or you’ll need to join the club at the pricey “Executive Membership” level for $695 per year (discounts available for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members that vary by status through March 1, 2015). An “Individual Membership” option is coming soon with a price of $450 per year.

For a bit of time, buying an Alaska Airlines Board Room membership was seen as a workaround for the forthcoming changes. Unfortunately, Delta will require Board Room members to pay $29 per guest when entering the Sky Clubs effective May 1 as well (Hat Tip – FlyerTalk). I can’t say I am all that surprised by this change. The only thing surprising to me is that they didn’t announce it when the other changes were rolled out.

The Amex Platinum Card is now the best way to gain access to the Delta Sky Clubs in my opinion. At $450 per year ($475 for the Mercedes Benz version), the cost is the same as an individual membership in the Sky Club, and you have access to the other benefits including status in car rental programs, SPG Gold, Cruise Privileges, Fine Hotels and Resorts, etc. too. One has to wonder if a change could happen here too? I think it could, but it’s a lot less likely given the relationship between Delta and Amex. I’m keeping my Amex Platinum for now.

-MJ, April 15, 2014