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Welcome to Day 3 of my method to the madness that is New York City! Below you’ll find a comprehensive guide to these must-see spots, divided into a 4 day itinerary. I’ll also include transit information to help you get from place to place — let’s go!

Day 3- Lower Manhattan

(350 5th Ave)
Empire State Building

brs_0330Empire State Building

Don’t miss this staple in the New York skyline. The Empire State Building is the 102-story skyscraper that gave the Empire State (New York) it’s nickname. Famously the lights at the top of the structure change color each night signifying different times and events during the year.

(5 minute walk – 151 W 34th St)
Macy’s Herald Square

macys_lauramiller_img_6215__x_largeMacy’s Herald Square
Photo: NYC Go

You don’t have to be in the mood to shop to stand in awe of the largest Macy’s in the world. 116 years old, this spot has been the largest department store in the world since 1924. It is also the focal point for the Macy’s Day Parade on Thanksgiving every year!

(7 minute walk – 4 Pennsylvania Plaza)
Madison Square Garden

 msg_120413_156w-691-0Madison Square Garden
Photo: MSG Entertainment

This indoor area has hosted some of the most phenomenal performers and athletes of all time. It’s home to the New York Rangers and Knicks, and features crazy amounts of entertainment year long. Check out what’s going on when you visit!

(5 minute walk to 34th St Penn Station, A/B/C train to 14th St, 5 minute walk – 75 9th Ave)
Chelsea Market

 chelsea-photography-on-wood-woodsnapChelsea Market
Photo: WOODSNAP – Jaz Arreola

Chelsea Market is one of my favorite spots in the city! An eclectic collection of food and shops are inside ready to be explored. Enjoy the industrial ambiance and cool vibes this niche market has to offer.

(4 minute walk – 16th St and 10th Ave)
High Line

highline_03High Line
Photo: James Corner Field Operations

Hugging the side of Chelsea Market you’ll find the most unique park in the city. The High Line is actually an elevated park that was created from the remains of an old train station. It may be less than 2 miles long, but it is full of great landscaping and atmosphere.

(20 minute walk – 175 5th Ave)
Flat Iron Building

img_2709-107-e1425447659560Flatiron Building
Photo: Walks of New York – Jeff Dobbins

Check out this triangular steel-framed landmark that has held its own since its erection in 1902. One of the most photographed buildings in the world, this structure is also the functioning headquarters for publishing companies.

(5 minute walk to 23rd St and 6th Ave, F/M train to West 4th St Station, 4 minute walk – 53 Christopher St)
Stonewall Inn

thestonewallinn01The Stonewall Inn
Photo: Hyperallergic – Johannes Jordan

In the heart of Greenwich Village you’ll find where gay pride started. Declared the first LGBTQ National Monument by President Obama, The Stonewall Inn is more than just your average bar. It has become an active landmark and source of pride for the gay community.

(7 minute walk – Washington Square W and S)
Washington Square Park

tumblr_nu7rmreq0p1s58sbqo3_r1_1280-301Washington Square Park
Photo: Spoiled NYC

Another recognizable landmark specifically would be this arch located in Washington Square Park. From music to street performances, this place is not shy on its entertainment value.

Believe it or not, this guide just covers 1 out of the 4 days of this guide to New York City! Check out the highlights of Upper, Midtown and Downtown Manhattan below!

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