Visiting the World of Coca-Cola

When I was planning my road trip onward from Nashville, I looked for nearby attractions. One of the major attractions that caught my attention was “World of Coca-Cola Museum“.  It’s located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, a short walk from the Centennial Olympic Park.

Here’s the thing:  I have a soft spot for Cokes. I know Coca-Cola is not the healthiest of beverages, but they taste great.  Especially on a hot summer day or paired with a burger, the Coke Classic is my beverage of choice.  So, a Coca-Cola museum with a “Taste It” experience?  Count me in.



As with visiting most attractions these days, you need to buy a timed admission ticket.  You are grouped together with other timed entry ticket-holders for the welcome.  The first part is guided.

Looking at the bottles, can you identify the countries they are associated with?  (I only remembered two of them)

After the initial welcome, you are led into another room with lots of Coca-Cola artifacts.  A Coca Cola “ambassador” will share more about the history of the Coca Cola Company in an audience-interactive way.  Then you’re on your way to wandering around the museum on your own.

If you like looking at artifacts, there is no shortage of relics at the museum.



Short Films: For those who like to watch short films, there were two running during my visit. They were:

  • Moments of Happiness film at the Coca Cola theater.
  • In Search of the Secret Formula in 3D (fun for kids)

Disclaimer:  Other than that people are connected over shared time spent together (hint: over a certain drink), I can’t really say I came out of either of these short features knowing a whole lot more about Cokes.

Photos:  For those who wants a picture taking opportunity with Coca Cola’s Polar bear, you are in luck.  There was a line at the time of my visit.  I passed.  I don’t know.  Something seemed amiss with this bear; it didn’t look quite like the Coca-Cola bears, even with its distinctive red Cola scarf.


Exhibits: There are a number of exhibits available, including the Experience Scent Discovery.  There was also no way I’d miss the Taste-It-Experience. It’s a very popular exhibit, for good reasons.  Who doesn’t like a tasting!


Bottle Works:  I also like the “getting behind the scenes” look at the bottling process.

I wondered if there is “personalized Coke Bottle” experience, similar to Heineken Experience after the bottling exhibit.  Alas, they don’t have it, but I bet it would be wildly popular here.  Still, for those who wants to shop for Coca-Cola branded souvenirs, there is a Coca-Cola store attached to the museum. During peak hours, you can expect long check-out lines.


I really enjoyed visiting the Coca-Cola Museum and had a great time checking the different exhibits.  I especially enjoyed the taste experience – it’s a lot of fun. If you are in the downtown area and looking for things to do, this World of Coca-Cola Museum is definitely well worth a visit!


Have you visited this museum?  What attractions or exhibits did you like best?