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Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen multiple reports depicting how fraudsters are capitalizing in these times of crisis. Not too long ago, we saw reports about how travel credit card fraud is on the rise despite a drop in the number of people traveling. Initial reports depict that something may be amiss at Chase. Multiple Twitter users are pointing out this morning that something’s awry with their Chase accounts. A few customers are saying that funds have gone missing, while others say that they’re seeing more money than they should.

Chase hacked?

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that multiple Chase customers on Twitter are pointing out that there’s something fishy with their accounts. While Chase hasn’t officially confirmed anything yet, many customers customers on Twitter are speculating that Chase could well have been hacked.

Chase Bank customers nationally are reporting missing/added funds to their accounts on Sunday morning, with some app outages. Chase that said parts of its app weren’t available Sunday morning, and it advised customers to try again later.


Chase customers reported that their app was down and that they were missing money even though they had no recent transactions.


The Pundit’s Mantra

It’s pretty common for many banks to run account maintenance over the weekend. As a result, we’re often unable to access our credit card or checking/savings accounts temporarily. However, at the moment this surely seems like more than just a small glitch as multiple users are reporting this. In certain cases, customers have seen funds withdrawn from their accounts. However, others are seeing more funds added to their accounts. What’s even more intriguing is that Chase hasn’t put out any official statement yet.

Last year, I also became a victim of credit card fraud. Thankfully, I was immediately alerted about the transaction due to Apple Pay and Amex did a great job while handling the situation. Many people in the miles and points game carry more than one credit card. It’s always prudent to closely monitor your credit card statements and bank accounts. As it transpired in my case, simply setting up the right notifications can go a long way in alerting you about possible fraudulent activity.

Are you seeing anything unusual with your Chase banking accounts? If yes, how is Chase responding to the situation? Let us know in the comments section.


Chase tweeted this in order to address the issue. As per Chase, they’ve now resolved the issue.


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