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Credit cards are a convenient way to pay for purchases. They also present a great way to get nice sign-up bonuses and earn miles/points or cash back for daily transactions. However, in this connected world of ours, things can always go wrong. One such incident happened yesterday.

Amex Gold Card

I’ve carried the Amex Gold Card for almost a decade now. I love the benefits that come with the card. I also like the fact that I can earn 4 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent at U.S Grocery Stores and Restaurants. The card also gives you 3 points per dollar on airline purchases made directly with the airline.

Purchase Notification

While I was driving, I got a notification on my phone for an Apple Pay transaction amounting to $31.91. Since it was pretty early in the morning on the west coast, I suspected that something was fishy since I had not used Grubhub for about a week. After confirming that the transaction wasn’t done by me or anyone else in my household, I realized that I had probably become a victim of credit card fraud.

Contacting American Express

a screenshot of a computer

The Amex rep discussed my recent purchase history


I got in touch with American Express by calling the number on the back of the card. I was transferred to a rep who followed by asking me a few questions.

Rep: Can you please confirm your card number?


Rep: Can you confirm the last 4 digits of your SSN, your billing address and full name.

Me: Provided the details…

Rep: What was the last transaction made on your card?

Me: A grocery purchase at Trader Joe’s.

Rep: Do you recognize the previous transaction that you made with Grubhub totaling to $12.66?

Me: Yes, I made that transaction. My Amex Gold Card is my saved card for Grubhub transactions.

Rep: Does anyone else in your household also have access to your card? Did you check whether that person could’ve used it?

Me: Yes, but I can confirm that that’s not the case.

Rep: How did you come to know about this transaction?

Me: An Apple Pay notification on my phone, followed by a “Card Not Present Transaction Approved” Email from American Express.

Rep: Okay, in that case, we’ll need to look at the Apple Pay angle as well. Please change your Grubhub password in order to protect your Grubhub account as well.

Grubhub Order History

I checked my Grubhub account and found out that someone had indeed placed an order. The order was for a restaurant based in New Jersey. Given that it has been over half a decade since I was last in New Jersey, it was now clear that my credit card details had been compromised.

Amex Fraud Resolution

After ascertaining the fact that fraud had occurred in this case, the Amex rep told me that a replacement card would be sent out to me via Fedex and that I wouldn’t be held liable for the fraudulent charge on the account.

The Pundit’s Mantra

If you have your Amex Gold Card linked to your Grubhub account for the dining credit, I’d highly recommend that you check your account and see if everything is in order. You can always change your password as an added security measure.

I was impressed with the way in which American Express handled the whole situation. While the issue is being followed up with Grubhub since the breach was from their end, Amex assured that they’ll update me about the situation once their investigation into the breach is complete. The Amex rep told me that they’ll look closely into how the credit card details were obtained and notify me with updates.

I always recommend that you keep your notifications on and check your statements regularly in order to prevent unauthorized access to your credit card account. Do you use your Amex Gold Card for Grubhub transactions for the dining credit benefit?

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