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Honeymoon Hotel 1 Review: Conrad Tokyo, Japan

HIGHLIGHTS: Conrad Tokyo, Japan Our first hotel of the honeymoon! We stayed at the Conrad Tokyo on a Free Night Certificate on my Aspire, and had a fantastic time. Highlights include a beautiful upgraded room, and an amazing breakfast. It’s a bit out of the way and not close to much, but within walking distance to a metro line with which to explore Tokyo. I would highly recommend this experience, at least once. It was my first time at a Conrad (of three this honeymoon) and a blast.   My standard hotel reviews include a breakdown by the following...

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5 Things to Do Outside in Canada

Premise For many, Canada evokes images of crisp fall activities and cold snow. Canada does offer many world-class experiences for outdoor enthusiasts no matter what time of year it is. From winter sports to wildlife viewing, Canada has a lot to offer. But that’s not the extent of it. Below are five activities anyone in Canada may want to try at least once.   Visit the Limehouse Conservation Area If you’re a history buff and someone who appreciates well looked after conservation parks, the Limehouse Conservation Area may convince you to start looking into Halton real estate. This site...

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3 Reasons You Need to Hire a Magician in Las Vegas

Premise Whether you’re an event planner or someone looking to hire entertainment for a corporate event or a personal celebration in Las Vegas, you should consider a magician. Magicians can be ideal for any occasion, from weddings and birthday parties to executive retreats, appreciation events, organizational milestones, and beyond.  The pros won’t be bringing cringe-worthy “crackerjack” tricks, but magic that truly wows and amazes audiences while getting people laughing, talking, and mesmerized. While the highest-paid magicians like Penn & Teller, David Copperfield, and other famous stars make millions, as Forbes reports, there are many excellent affordable pros too.  Here’s...

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Sponsored: Tinggly – A Traveler’s Eco-Friendly Dream Gift: Experiences Worldwide!

Sponsored – this review is sponsored by Tinggly via their marketing team.    INTRODUCTION TO TINGGLY Tinggly is a one of a kind choice voucher that allows a person to choose one activity from 500+ of the world’s best experiences in more than 100 countries worldwide! Perfect for travelers to get a custom/curated experience to their liking. This gift seems like a good use for those who are looking to experience and explore a certain area with the flexibility to choose what suits them best. Easy to use and book. You can choose from over 100 countries and the...

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4 Fantastic St. Louis Historical Attractions to Visit

Premise St. Louis is a city that’s filled with history. It’s no wonder that it is one of the top vacation destinations for families all over the country. One of the most iconic monuments in the United States, The Gateway Arch, is a must-see when you visit this city. The Gateway Arch stands an impressive 630 feet tall and is the tallest man-made monument in the country. Aside from the Arch, St. Louis is a city that has a rich history and many different points of interest that you can visit and learn about. In fact, many people who...

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Food & Hotel Review (Finally): Wynn Las Vegas

HIGHLIGHTS: Wynn Las Vegas I am so, so thrilled to finally write a review of the Wynn Las Vegas. On my previous stay (free one from the Wynn Slots app) I was only in for one night and did not get to fully use the facilities. This time, on a business stay, I got to really explore and enjoy myself. I found the Asian cuisine at Wazuzu and Red8 above expectations, and definitely solid places that I could even see taking my parents. Wynn had a sufficient number of advantage play games, and high-rollers betting thousands of dollars at...

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Hotels to Avoid: Kimpton Hotel Eventi, New York City

HIGHLIGHTS: Kimpton Hotel Eventi, New York City Highlights include the look and feel of the hotel and room – with its classy, intimate, and modern look, I really felt comfortable. Unfortunately, the actual hotel experience left much to be desired, with my room not being ready, even at nearly 6pm, standing there at check-in waiting for my room to be completed as the check-in agent looked frustrated as others would not pick up their phones. Food option was utterly disappointing, but I suppose this is what I get for going to a non-Marriott, non-Hilton property.   My standard hotel...

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Sponsored: Leatherman & Multi-Purpose Tools – Can I Bring Them On A Plane?

Sponsored – this review is sponsored by Leatherman via their affiliate network. All opinions below are my own.   INTRODUCTION I checked out Leatherman and their multi-purpose tools to see if they’d be useful while travelling. I found myself needing to clip some guitar strings on my last trip and didn’t have the requisite pliers or scissors to do so easily, and thought about getting a multi-purpose tool to handle these emergencies that come up. Per the TSA – multi-purpose tools with knives of any length or scissors over four inches must be checked, while those with scissors less...

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Hotels to Avoid: Four Points Sheraton San Rafael Marin County, California

HIGHLIGHTS: Four Points Sheraton San Rafael Marin County, California This hotel was a step up from your basic Four Points, with a very large lobby, local brews bar, and nice hotel décor. Rooms were pretty basic, as was the breakfast. Its convenient Marin location made it a good hub for the wedding room block I was part of, but some billing issues make it a no-go from here on out.   My standard hotel reviews include a breakdown by the following topics. Feel free to skip to whichever section you find most interesting. Highlights Lobby Room Hotel Space / Ambiance...

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Hotel Review: Conrad New York Midtown (formerly The London New York City)

HIGHLIGHTS: Conrad New York Midtown This hotel, soon after I stayed here, transitioned from the London New York City, an indie boutique hotel, to the Conrad New York Midtown. I especially enjoyed the nice, spacious room, with modern and interesting décor. Because I used someone else’s Hilton certificate (shout out to Jennifer Yellen at @DealsWeLike). I was unable to attach my benefits to the stay, and thus missed out on a complimentary breakfast. However, its convenient location on 54th and 7th made for a pleasant first Conrad experience, close to Central Park, Halal Guys, and Columbus Circle.   My...

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