American Express has done it again with a 10,000 point offer for only $200 in grocery spend! This is a pretty amazing offer considering that $200 for groceries can be met for many, including my family, in almost one trip. My wife received this offer this afternoon and since she does most of our grocery runs, well the eyes lit up pretty fast.

With more than a handful of Amex cards between the two of us, I’ve made the necessary task of having all of our cards accessible. Based on past years, I expect even more offers to be coming our way. I certainly expect several offers to be available on the Membership Rewards side, but the Hilton offer above was a nice bonus. I’m hoping, of course, they send me an identical offer for my card, but we’ll take what we can get. With an expiration of 11/30, another offer coming our way could easily be done.

I’m not sure as of yet if this is targeted, but if it is here’s to hoping many more of you out there get this easy point bonus. We’re considering it an early holiday gift but we’re thirsty for more. Let’s get this holiday season going with some offers!


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