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Deborah Bernstein began her career as a journalist in upstate New York. She worked in the travel industry for more than two decades, representing airlines, international destinations and hotel companies. A former managing editor for Hotline and Hyatt’s Regency Magazine, her stories and photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines throughout the U.S. Deborah, who has lived in London and New York, has traveled to more than 45 countries and the list keeps growing. She now calls Belgium home.

Have You Seen These Funny Airline Safety Videos?

Traveling by air can be gruellng. Long security lines, flight delays and cranky fellow passengers. It can cause a sense of humor failure. But, fret not! Some airlines have found a way to put a smile on your face — and get your attention. We’re all familiar with those long and boring safety announcements. Okay, have you ever tuned out while the flight attendant drones on and on about how to fasten a seatbelt or find an exit? Airlines like Southwest and Air New Zealand found creative ways to get your attention. We’re taking a trip back in time...

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Will Scare Tactics Make You Pay Attention to Airline Safety Videos?

Some airlines use humor to get your attention during safety announcements. But Japan Airlines has taken a more serious approach. The savvy carrier is pointing out the bad things that can happen if you ignore their advice. Scare tactics? Not really. Well, maybe a little, but it’s informative, important and relevant. And it’s worth watching. The Consequences of Lugging Luggage For instance, JAL shows computer-generated passengers trapped in the aisles and unable to escape. Why? Because an inconsiderate passenger has insisted on gathering luggage from the overhead bin, putting lives of the people behind him at risk. It also...

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Five Things You Have to Try in Belgium

There are five things you HAVE to try when traveling to Belgium. We’ll keep it short and sweet. Chocolate: Okay, if you’re like me, when you think of Belgium, you think of chocolate. After three years of living here, I may never be able to eat American chocolate again. And that’s not a bad thing. There’s great Swiss chocolate and German chocolate, too, but I think it’s not possible to find chocolate more delectable than Belgian chocolate.  There are more than 320 chocolate shops here. Want to know some of the top brands? Click here. We’ve stumbled across chocolate...

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Fun Facts from Brussels Airport

If you love Trivial Pursuit and random, fun facts, Brussels Airport has some numbers for you. The airport just released some 2018 statistics, sharing everything from the list of top destinations to how much chocolate is sold in its shops EVERY MINUTE! Yes, it’s more than 6 lbs.kg every minute! Food & Beverage by the Numbers  Chocoholics rejoice! Belgium is the world’s chocolate capital. If you didn’t pick some up in town, don’t worry. There is a great selection at the airport. And don’t forget to sample the world-famous Belgian beer. Airport visitors certainly don’t! Wash your chocolate down...

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Bring Your Own Bottle to SFO Airport

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is launching a war on plastic water bottles. Starting this week, single-use plastic water bottles are no longer being sold at the airport. The new ban includes both vendors and vending machines. If you want to quench your thirst with H2O, you’ll have two options. You can purchase water in recyclable aluminum, recyclable glass or compostable packaging, or you can fill a reusable container at an airport hydration station. Approximately 100 of them are scattered throughout the terminals. For the location of stations, consult the interactive map. The hydration stations are part of the airport’s...

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