Apple’s annual keynote live event is scheduled at 10 a.m. PDT on September 12.  Leading up to the event tomorrow, there was a major leak of some of the features in the next generation of iPhones.  The new iPhone is called the iPhone 8, with the higher end model to be called iPhone X. The latter is also rumored to cost as much as  $1,000 USD.

A Few Notable Features

Some of the leaked features include:

Bezel-less new display:  A bezel-less display never appealed to me, but it seems to be all the rage.

Wireless Charging:  While wireless charging is not revolutionary (Samsung Galaxy has it), it is still a great feature. I’m glad Apple is finally adding it to its phones.

Apple Pay via Face ID:  I don’t use Apple Pay, so Apple Pay “via Face ID” isn’t an added value to me.

New Front Facing 3D Sensors:  According to the article,“the depth sensing module is composed of a structured light receiver, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, front camera, and structured light transmitter. If it works as predicted, the iPhone 8 will gain unparalleled facial recognition accuracy which will be used for both phone unlocking, better selfies and even animojis.”   Now, this is one interesting feature out of the lot.

Animoji To Sell iPhones

You may find yourself asking, “But, what exactly is animoji?”  (animated emoji, get it?)  The longer version is that it’s a 3D animated emoji that you can create based on your facial expression.  If you like to make a lot of facial expressions, you can really go to town with this new feature.

I know some people might balk and criticize, “Is this really the best you’ve got, Apple?  You’re promoting Animoji as one of your best features?”   Of course, you bet they are.  The reality is that Apple is really selling the underlying technology of depth sensing module that allows for the facial recognition to happen.

But, that’s awfully boorish sounding, and boorish sounding technology isn’t going to sell itself.

If they could create something with mass market appeal using the underlying technology, then they’ve got something they could bank on.  Emojis are cute and fun, and a lot of people like using emojis as an extended form of text expression.  For better or worse, there we have it: Animoji.

Lest you forget, Apple is still quite the genius when it comes to its marketing.


What features are you most excited about?  Are you planning to get the iPhone 8 or iPhone X?