Anyone who knows me or my writing know I have little dry sense of humor.  I am particularly fond of harmless humor and cheesy puns.

They make the day a little brighter on a good day, a lot lighter on a long day.

To celebrate the first Friday of May, I thought I’d share a small collection and light commentaries of 5 clips/videos that made me laugh.

1. Cat Watching a Horror Movie (listen with sounds):

The cat is the star of the movie.  So expressive.  I don’t think I even watch movies with such intensity, haha.


2. “Peaches” from Super Mario Brothers movie 

Peaches is a song from the Super Mario Brothers movie, which had done very well in the box office.

Skip this section if you don’t want a spoiler.  I think the song was supposed to be silly and hilarious.  But something about it just works in the movie.  Maybe it’s the earnestness of the character.  Or the passion and the melo-dramatic vibe. Maybe it’s so fragile coming from an character you don’t expect.  Or the fact that the element of love/pain is expressed in such a raw simple way.

Whatever it is, this song is super catchy and it makes me happy.


3. Skiing Flop

Maybe this first one isn’t harmless for those involved.  I shouldn’t laugh, after all, I even have an embarrassing memory of the first time I went on a T-Bar lift and they had to stop for me.  But this one takes the cake.

I don’t have an embed link:  Short Clip (opens in  new window) – play it with sounds!


4.  Toddler with Wonderful Timing and Energy

I don’t have an embed link on this one, but I love the energy!  Made me smile:  Short Clip (opens in new window)

5.  British Accent Comedy Reel

Given that there is a historic event with the coronation of King Charles III tomorrow, I thought I’d wrap with this amusing classic comedy reel:

No embed link on this one either:  Short Clip (opens in a new window)

And that’s a wrap for this week’s.

Spread love and …laughter.