Let me cut to the chase. If you are prone to motion sickness/queasiness: I would not recommend EPCOT’s newest ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride to you.

Is the ride really that queasy?

I know a lot of people couldn’t wait to try it.  For me, once it was done, I couldn’t wait to get OFF.

Let me “rewind” just a bit…

Our first Disney park was EPCOT.  Not surprisingly, Guardian of the Galaxy, Cosmic Rewind was on our radar.   It’s one of the newest attractions at EPCOT, opened to be public officially on 5/27/2022.

To be more precise, it’s a ride my brother wanted to check out as he is a big Marvel fan.  While I am not, I have watched all of the Guardians movies.

And why not?  The wait on standby time was lengthy, but we got ourselves on the virtual queue (at no additional cost) on the Disney app.

Time for the Ride

Because of the virtual queue, we were able to cut down on the wait time drastically.

Leading up to the actual ride was the ride exhibitions and then two pre-shows.  I think those are nice touches, especially when there are long queues.

I had also researched the ride, knowing that it’s a “thrilling, high-speed, turbulent ride that goes forward and backward through the dark and includes sharp turns, sudden drops and stops.”

a close-up of a blue and white card

Disney’s website:  Ride info.









I thought I can handle it.

After all, roller-coasters don’t bother me.  I’ve ridden on the Superman (big drops) at Six Flags, to get off only to want to do it again.

The two rides I considered most dizzying are “Transformer” ride at Universal (with the rotations) and spinning Teacup.  I was able to walk it off after the Transformer ride so how bad can this be?

Oh, I was so wrong.

While the dark/high speeds did not bother me, those rotations/going forward/going backward did.

They. Are. Killers. For. Motion. Sickness.

Before the ride, I wryly mentioned to my sis next to me that I hope this ride isn’t like Transformer.  She knew I hated it.

Once the ride started, it didn’t take me long to recognize what I know.

“Oh (fill in the blank)!  This is exactly like the Transformer ride!!!”

How was the Ride?

To be honest, I really can’t remember much about the ride itself.

Everything was dark. Just someone screaming.

That was mostly me.

Not because I was exclaiming in joy because the ride was so fun, but because I knew I was going to get sick.

I stopped screaming halfway through because I realized I need to focus, or I would be quickly beckoning the green smiley emoji.

As soon as the ride stop, I think my refrain was “Let me off!  Let me off!”

I had to sit down on one of the benches to gather myself.  My knees were not weak, but my head was spinning.   On the motion sickness scale, I thought this ride was far worse than Transformers.

Other Riders’ Impressions

Of course, your experience may vary.

We sat outside the ride exit for some recovery time.  As other riders exit, I can other people exclaiming how fun it was.  I must been staring at them like they have two heads, which isn’t stretching it with everything spinning around me.   I was thinking, “Are we talking about the same ride?”

To be fair, if you’re not bothered or impacted by motion sickness, then it’s probably considered a fun thrill ride.

Unfortunately, this ride was so queasy-inducing that I couldn’t even walk it off.   The green smiley emoji showed up to say hello.  I was able to enjoy the fireworks to a limited extent.

Fortunately, we had a scheduled low-key “rest” day the next day, and I was able to recover some more.


Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway (Twilight Zone)

After a rest day, we visited the Disney’s Universal Studios park….and we had time to hop on the Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway ride. 

That is a slow family friendly ride.  The 4k pre-show was fun and entertaining to watch.

But I also knew the moment the ride threw me off – dancing with Daisy. 

All of a sudden,  I suddenly feel like I was in a twilight zone, hearing high pitched character sounds and animatronics that didn’t seem cute to me anymore.

As standalone ride, the runaway railroad would be an easy, fun ride.  In fact, everyone else in the family enjoyed it.

I was still recovering from the Guardian ride…


If you are prone to motion sickness and you want to try out the Cosmic Rewind ride, I’d suggest that you prep yourself.

That means taking some motion sickness pills before the ride.  And have vomit bags at the ready.

You may not need it, but just in case.

As for me, would I give the ride a second chance?

No, thank you.  Been there, done that.

Don’t want to do it again.   It’s really quite miserable being sick during a vacation.

Granted, thrill rides were never really my thing to begin with.  And maybe I’m just getting older and these kinds of rides are not suitable for me anymore.

And you know what, that’s perfectly ok too.


Are you prone to Motion Sickness?  Did you have fun on the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride or did it do a number on you?  Sound off below!