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We saw a lot of card issuers make swift moves to make changes to their product offerings. While many issuers made tweaks, Amex’s offering turned out to be the most comprehensive with their card refresh. Here’s a quick overview of some of the stories we covered in the month of May.

Amex Card Refresh: Up to $400 in credits, bonus points and new benefits

Amex has done a great job with this temporary card refresh. While not perfect, it still seems like the best in its category compared to its competitors. I’m already using some of these new temporary benefits and credits.

Chase Card Approvals likely to get a lot tougher

At the start of the month, I wrote about how it’s increasingly getting tougher to get a Chase card. In response to the economic crisis, Chase is putting more guardrails and making approvals tougher. In particular, certain data points hint at the requirement of having a business checking account before you get a Chase business card.

After $6B bailout, leaked memo reveals United’s plan to start layoffs

A class action lawsuit has already been launched against United. However, United brushes it off by saying that their actions are perfectly legal. The devil is in the details as the fine print in the contracts could seemingly be on United’s side.

Post Coronavirus, what’s the new normal for the travel industry?

I take a closer look at the present and near future of the travel industry. The job numbers look grim and the industry is clearly going through a crisis. What will the future be like once travel starts picking up? This post outlines a few scenarios.

The ideal travel card strategy during a Covid-19 inflicted lockdown

As most of us continue to work from home, how do you optimize credit card rewards during a lockdown? Check this post out on the 9 different ways you can maximize value from your existing card portfolio in order to earn points and save some money.

Why your Chase 5/24 status doesn’t really matter in 2020

Chase 5/24 has been the talk of the town ever since Chase imposed it as an unwritten rule. However, in this post I argue as to why it doesn’t really matter in 2020.

Travel Industry Bankruptcies: One more domino falls

As travel grinds to a halt, the airline industry is facing the brunt. After Avianca, LATAM US is the latest to file for Chapter 11 protection. As many airports remain largely shut, it’s having a direct impact on the car rental business. Hertz has already filed for bankruptcy, but its management’s actions are raising some eyebrows.

Why we love travel, but don’t love the travel industry

Ever wondered why travel brands never get the limelight? They don’t even feature in the list of top 100 brands. In this post, I outline the business and branding related reasons as to why travel brands aren’t loved as much as their peers in other industries.

Cash worth 30 Million Rupees found in crashed PIA aircraft

One week after we heard the tragic news of the air crash, investigators found cash worth 30 Million Pakistani Rupees in the wreckage of the aircraft. The cash was stashed in two bags.


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