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Just last week, we heard the horrible news of the PIA aircraft crash in Karachi, Pakistan. Flight PK-8303 was on its route from Lahore to Karachi before it crashed into a residential area near Karachi International Airport. Consequently, the deadly crash killed 97 out of the 99 people on board. Only two people survived the crash.

PIA Aircraft Crash

As investigators look to probe the details of the crash, they’ve now bumped into something unusual. NDTV and many other sources have reported the startling revelations. Investigators found cash worth 30 million Pakistani rupees. You can read the full report here.

Investigators and rescue officials have found currencies of different countries and denominations worth around Rs 30 million from the aircraft’s wreckage. “An investigation has been ordered into how such a huge amount of cash got through airport security and baggage scanners and found its way into the ill-fated flight,” the official said.

Meanwhile, WION News has reported that the cash found contained different currencies and denominations.

An official on Thursday said that probe and rescue officials have found currencies of various countries and denominations worth around Rs 30 million from the wreckage.

The Pundit’s Mantra

As per the current exchange rate, 30 million Pakistani Rupees amount to roughly $187,000. Also, investigators recovered the cash from two bags they found in the aircraft wreckage. Hopefully, over the next few days, we hope to see more details as the investigation unfolds. Investigators would particularly want to know how an amount to the tune of $187,000 made it through airport security and on to the aircraft.


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