When I visited the Alaska Airlines North Satellite lounge in January, it was after breakfast and before lunch. Therefore, I wondered what the lounge food was like later on in the day.

Fast forward to April and I once again popped in for a bit of a visit. This time it was evening around 5pm, so I took myself around to see what was available to eat.

North Satellite Lounge Food

While this is not a comprehensive look at everything, it should give you a good idea of what lounge food is available. Strangely enough for someone who writes about the experience, I do get camera shy in busy facilities. Who wants to be the dork photographing the food? (Guilty as charged, your Honour!)

All of it looked quite like food should look, which is excellent. Next I spotted the soup tureens and the one thing all airline lounges seem to do well is soup, so I had some.

While I was hovering about, the lady behind the food suggested I should add tabasco sauce to my soup. As a fan of tabasco sauce, I took her advice and it turned out to be perfection! Thanks friendly Alaska Airlines staff member.

Views and Stuff

There are sweeping views from this particular lounge and I soon discovered my British Airways 787-10 was about to land. Naturally I caught it on camera as it passed by.

Having spent an hour in the lounge, I decided I’d best change to my proper terminal before flight. That meant the British Airways First Class lounge, which was not nearly as nice as this lounge.

Overall Thoughts

My love affair with Alaska Airlines continues unabated, with the flight from Honolulu in first class being excellent. With a ground experience to match, there is not much to fault the Seattle based oneworld alliance airline with.

What do you think of the Alaska Airlines lounge food and lounge experience overall? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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