Why I Dislike the Delta Sky Club Changes — and Don’t Think They’ll Truly Solve Overcrowding Issues – Eye of the Flyer

A good take on the recent Delta Sky Club changes that will be rolled out soon. Loss of benefits on arrival is huge. I’ve popped into one for a quick bite to eat before.

While it doesn’t change my decision to pick up the Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card last month (due to the massive welcome offer), it will certainly change the metrics going forward.

Airbus delays Entry Into Service of the A321XLR to 2024 – Live from a Lounge

They might have a better plane, and one capable of serving a good number of intercontinental routes. But you can’t compete with Boeing if you can’t get them rolled out.

Same goes in reverse for the new 777.

Visiting Italy Just Got A Whole Lot Easier! – God Save the Points

This is welcome news. I can’t wait until finding award space once again becomes the hardest part of planning travel. Post-pandemic travel has me very jaded at this point.

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