Flying Alaska Airlines in first class for over five hours sure sounded fabulous to me. I elected to fly to Honolulu via Seattle so I could once again enjoy the experience on the oneworld alliance airline.

Sadly, flight cancellations meant I had to take American Airlines via Los Angeles on the way out. While that was disappointing, it did mean I could directly compare the two airlines on the same route.

Honolulu Airport

There was no queue at all at check-in, which made for a very pleasant experience. I had a separate ticket for the last leg of my trip and the agent happily sorted out a boarding pass for that. I do like having my bag checked through to my final destination which British Airways don’t do, and my connection was BA to BA.

While looking for the lounge, I got lost and ended up in the lovely outdoor Japanese garden. Filled with fish and plants, it is a nice place to chill out in. The combined Japan Airlines/American Airlines lounge does not open until 10:30am at the moment, so I cooled my heels outside for a bit before heading to the gate and going straight on board.

AS942 – Honolulu to Seattle (HNL-SEA)
18 April 2022
Boeing 737-890 – N533AS
Seat: First Class 1A
Departure: 08:00 Arrival: 16:55

Most of first class was already seated as I had missed the start of boarding. A strapping young lad was in the seat next to mine, suitably masked and clad in shorts. I was already in my European wear, with jeans and a light jacket on which must have been some contrast.

The First Class Cabin

After I put my bag overhead, I sat down in the cushiony softness of the Alaska Airlines first class seat. I have never rated how they look in pictures, but they sure are comfortable.

Box Water is at each seat, and it turns out my seatmate and I were both into extreme sports. Both of us declined to use the sanitising wipe for anything. Living on the edge!

A Fabulous Sky High Breakfast

After the safety demonstration, we headed out over the Pacific into a sunny morning sky. First order of business was the drinks service and I ordered a Coke. The flight attendant pulled out the extra tray in the front of the seat for the drink. Warm nuts were also provided to accompany the beverage.

For breakfast I had pre-ordered online two weeks before flying. The choices were Alaska’s signature Fruit & Cheese Plate, a Breakfast Power Bowl or my choice, the Parmesan Omelet with Mango Salsa. It came with yoghurt, fruit salad and a bread roll.

The description alone had me intrigued. “Cage-free eggs folded around a filling of Parmesan cheese, toasted russet potatoes, thyme and garlic. Served with seared, pork breakfast sausage and a crisp potato roesti.” – sounds good, right? Oh how I wish I had taken a photo of the inside of this omelet!

It was a deliciously gooey, moreish, tasty delight for the senses, with the mango accompanying it perfectly. The sausages and rösti (I mean, who screws up potato?) were also flavourful and nicely done. Full marks all round! I did notice that of the other two choices, there was only one Fruit Plate available, as it ran out after one person chose it. Definitely pre-order online before flying.

Of Toilets And Snacks

While nothing flash, the toilet at the front of the aircraft was clean which is all you can ask for. A nice touch were the flowers strewn about inside, which I thought added a festive touch. Once done, I sat about reading rather than using the wireless inflight entertainment and had my drink regularly topped up by the attentive crew.

For those who are peckish, there is also food from the snack basket to be had. This had LesserEvil Himalayan Gold organic popcorn, Cooper Street Blueberry Pomegranate Granola Cookie Bakes, KIND Healthy Grains Oats & Honey with toasted Coconut bars, traditional Savory Chex Mix and the cheesy chip things. Eventually it was time to land, which we did on time in rainy Seattle.

Overall Thoughts

All in all, I had a fabulous flight with Alaska Airlines. The seat was very comfortable, the service attentive without being overbearing and the food was quite delicious.

Just like my flight from Seattle to Denver in January, I found everything faultless from start to finish. The Seattle based airline just seems to get it right and they have crew that seem happy to be there. It makes all the difference and I can’t wait to do it again sometime.

What do you think of Alaska Airlines? Do you find them to be a good airline or do you have another opinion? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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