People who know me, know I love traveling to Asia. I recently went to Bali, Indonesia and fell in love with the country. I understand now why many digital nomads move to Bali. This my 5 reasons to visit Bali and make it part of your travel destination in 2019.


5. Temples

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the temples found in Bali. My favorite and most Instagram worthy site to visit is Lempuyang Temple. The temple is located 2-hour drive from Ubud. I would recommend leaving early in the morning to avoid the long lines and humidity during the day. The site is home to 5 other temples and it would take you roughly about 2 hours to walk to the farthest one. Bring some comfortable shoes because its an uphill road to explore the other temples.

Lempuyang Temple Bali

Amazing view of Lempuyang Temple


4.  Water Activities for Everyone

Bali is known to be one of the best surf locations in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or beginner, you’ll find the tides to be in your favor and easy to catch. In addition, the small two islands next to Bali, Penida, and Lembongan have amazing coral. To get to the islands, you will need to take a 30-45 minute boat ride from Bali. I went snorkeling and the coral reefs were breathtaking. I would even go and say Bali has better water than Hawaii.

a man in a mask underwater

Snorkeling in Bali


3. Sunsets

Bali has many places to relax and unwind. My favorite cheap thing to do in Bali was to watch the sunset.  While there are many locations to watch the Sunset, I found myself always coming back to where to a bar called La Plancha. Beanbags are provided on the beach next to the establishment. You can order drinks and food and enjoy with an amazing view from Mother Nature.

Bali Sunset

Sunsets in Bali are unreal


2. Everything is Cheap!

If you’re on a budget than Bali will be your ideal vacation. I was surprised by how everything was cheap. A traditional dish of Nasi Goreng cost me around $1.40 USD. It might cost you a little bit more if you’re in the tourist town of Seminyak but even then it will still cost you less than $5.00 USD. For transportation, I would recommend downloading Grab, its the equivalent of Uber. I spent only $6.00 USD for a 25-minute ride from the airport to my villa in Seminyak. You can’t even get that pricing in Los Angeles during non-peak hours.

Bali Dish

Nasi Goreng


1.  Visa Free (Almost)

One thing that prevents some travelers from visiting a destination is a visa. Indoesnia is friendly to many countries. 165 countries have a visa-free entry upon arriving in Bali making it traveling to the island much easier. For those who can’t get enough of Bali, travelers from a select 67 countries can extend their stay for an additional 30 days for a small fee.

Bali Villa

Enjoying the sunshine