It’s no secret that I think Cathay Pacific have some of the nicest airline lounges in the business. The aesthetic is really welcoming and comfortable, like snuggling up in a blanket on a cold winter’s night in front of a warm fire.

They have a set of lounge etiquette guidelines on their web site, which is something I haven’t really seen before. It is a good lesson in what should be normal behaviour, but human beings clearly need to have it spelled out.

Lounge Etiquette Guidelines

Looking at the list published online, it feels pretty comprehensive. It starts out with a bang, asking people to ensure their conduct is consistent with a professional environment.

Next it addresses a bugbear of frequent flyers the world over. No-one likes noisy people in the lounge, so Cathay Pacific ask people to use headphones with personal devices, turn phones to vibrate and to keep conversations at a low level.

Unruly children are mentioned next, with the airline basically asking parents to do their job and control their spawn. Something you’d think wouldn’t have to be said, but I’ve seen kids running amok in lounges more than once.

Also important is the rule asking people not to put their feet all over the furniture and not to lay down on couches. This is also something pretty common in lounges. Directly addressed is the food issue and they ask that it not be taken away from the facility.

Overall Thoughts

Lounge etiquette is important, as you can have the nicest design in the world, great food and service, yet it can all be ruined by inconsiderate morons who have no thought on how their actions may affect others.

Frequent flyer forums have often debated the food issue. Some feel that anything is free game to take with them, while others believe what is provided in the lounge should be consumed there. Great to see Cathay Pacific spelling it out so there is no ambiguity.

What do you think of the Cathay Pacific lounge etiquette guidelines? Should all airlines adopt something similar? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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