After quite a long time, we saw the first 100k point offer sign-up bonus offer resurface. Here are some of the stories that we covered this week.

100k offer returns to the co-branded Marriott credit card!

The Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card by Chase is currently offering a welcome bonus of 100,000 Bonvoy points. You’ll earn a welcome bonus of 100,000 points after you spend just $3,000 in the first three months.

Chase predicts bleak outlook as credit card sales plummet

Chase’s most recent financial results paint an uncertain picture about the future. Customer spending is still low and the bank foresees another quarter or ups and down instead of any semblance of stability.

Bahamas the latest to ban travel from the U.S

Over the last week few weeks, we’ve seen many popular travel restrictions lift restrictions, only to scale them  back later. Be it Hawaii or Mexico, governments around the world are responding to the rising case numbers in the United States. Bahamas is now the latest to ban travel from the United States with immediate effect.

NY state imposes restrictions on travel from 31 U.S states

As NY state seems to have got the virus under control, it is now taking preventive measures in order to prevent a second wave. Critics of the move slam it as a de facto ban on travel from 31 other U.S states. In essence, anyone traveling to NY state from any of the states in the list will have to undergo 14 days of mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

How to track Covid-19 travel restrictions on the go

If you’re looking to book travel any time soon, this would be the first question on your mind. Thanks to Covid-19, the world of global travel looks like an very complex web of travel restrictions. Every now and then, and for good reason, we see governments either lift, change or impose new restrictions. Thankfully, IATA has published this vital interactive resource page which will help you travel these restrictions on a country by country basis. Simply click on the country where you wish to travel and you’ll gain access to the most updated notification.


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