Its back! The best hotels deal in Vancouver, Canada. Book via StayVancouverHotels and earn up to $150 in Amex Gift Cards, which can be applied towards the hotel stay! StayVancouverHotels Amex Gift Card is one of the best was to subsidize hotel stays in Vancouver.

StayVancouverHotels Amex Gift Card Offer

The promotion is available for check-ins from today until February 28th, 2019.

Use Promo Code AMEX when booking – For every stay booked via StayVancouverHotels website, you can earn up to $125 in Amex Gift Credit Card, and an additional $50 for subsequent nights. The Amex Gift Cards can be applied towards the hotel stay during checkout. The key is to find a hotel where the difference after applying the gift card is minimal. The best way to maximize is to spread multiple one night bookings across the city. Gift Cards can also be used to cover hotel costs, on-site restaurants, room service, spas, amenities, etc. or at surrounding restaurants and shops. A great deal!

Previous iterations of this promotion (via beVancouver) were a lot more generous, where subsequent nights at same property counted as separate stays 😉 . While those loopholes have been closed, this promotion still represents great value.

Promotion Details

  • Book through using promo code “AMEX”.
  • Booking subsequent nights as separate reservations will be treated the same as a single reservation for multiple nights.
  • The first night qualifies for the full reward amount plus $50 per subsequent night.
  • Stay must be between now and February 28, 2019.
  • Three bookings maximum.
  • Amex card(s) will be delivered at check-in.
  • Bookings can be made using VISA, MasterCard, or American Express.
  • This offer is limited and may end at any time.
  • Non-cancellable promotion.

Examples of some decent deals

Depending on the dates you search for, there are some great deals to be had. Its not difficult to get 50% discount from the hotel options available. Note, you may or may not earn stay credits towards the loyalty program through this booking. In the past, it has worked better with some brands than others, YMMV. Unlike previous years, it is not possible to search or filter based on gift card discounts, so expect a lot of clicking while you browse..

StayVancouverHotels Amex StayVancouverHotels Amex StayVancouverHotels Amex StayVancouverHotels Amex StayVancouverHotels Amex


Take Away

Vancouver is a hot bed for tourists and one of my favorite Canadian cities. StayVancouverHotels Amex promotion is a great way to save $$ from hotel bookings and use towards other eclectic experiences in town.

Title Image Source: Tourism Vancouver

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