I switched over to T-Mobile late last year before switching over to T-Mobile “all-in” taxes and fees included plan. For the most part, T-Mobile had been a reliable wireless provider for me.

Most recently, they have announced a new promotion call Netflix on Us, set to start 9/12/2017.

What is it?

The sign up page is not yet available, but the offer seems simple:

“Starting 9/12, Now customers can binge all their favorite shows at no extra charge when they sign up for 2+ lines of T-Mobile ONE™.”


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Who is Eligible?

Initially, it appeared that all the T-Mobile One customers with at least two lines or more qualify for this new promotion.  However, looking through the “Who can Get It?” section of the FAQ, it gets more specific. All “customers with T-Mobile One “with taxes and fees included” with 2 or more voice lines are eligible.  Does that mean that only people who have the taxes and fees charged on their bills are eligible?

Since I am on the “all-in” plan, it appeared that my plan isn’t actually covered in this promotion.

Also, this promotion is available to customers with T-Mobile One.  This isn’t particularly surprising since T-Mobile only offers the T-Mobile One plan.  This means that anyone grandfathered on T-Mobile’s older plans, such as the wildly popular Simple Choice plans, cannot take advantage of this promotion either.  Still, it’s likely no real loss to the user base.  Broadly speaking, those who are grandfathered on those plans tend to come out ahead on those plans, anyway.


Why I Won’t Take Advantage of the Netflix on Us Promo

I don’t watch a lot of TV in the first place, and I don’t have cable or movie rental subscription either. Still, before reading the FAQ, I thought this is a promotion my sister might be interested in since she has a Netflix subscription.

That is, until I remembered this: T-mobile has a Bill Credit Problem

My experience with T-Mobile’s bill credits had been a logistical nightmare for months.  This  included getting two texts from T-Mobile apologizing for two (separate) bill credit issues associated with the promotions I signed up for.  If they can’t get their own billing right, can I really trust that they will get the Netflix billing right on the T-Mobile bill?

Maybe they will get it right this time around.  Still, it’s a hassle I’d rather not find out.