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I was searching places to stay for a quick Vegas getaway. Venetian and the Palazzo were the cheapest 5 stars on the strip, so I decided to give the Palazzo another try. I stayed here when it first opened in 2007, and did not really like my stay as the AC didn’t work.

Thankfully, the AC issue was not a problem this time as it worked VERY WELL and kept us cool in the Vegas heat!



5: Excellent, Highly Recommend
4: Very Good, Solid Choice to Consider
3: Ok, Check Other Options Before Booking
2: Below Par, Try to Avoid
1: Terrible, Run Far Away

Rooms: 4/5
Amenities: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Location: 5/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Sleep Quality: 4/5

QUICK SUMMARY: Overall, the Palazzo has large, well appointed rooms and is bustling with activity. A good choice in Vegas if the price is right.

On TripAdvisor the Palazzo is rated 4.5/5. You can check out The Palazzo’s TripAdvisor reviews here

Check In:

The check in line at half past three wasn’t too bad, only about a 10 minute wait. Tip: The Palazzo is part of the InterContinental Alliance, and they had a special check in for elite members. The lady who checked me in was fine, but not the most professional nor the most helpful. She said our room was on the 7th floor, and I asked if there was anything higher and she said “All the rooms are blocked and we have no other clean rooms so this is the only room.”

Alright, that’s fine. Then I headed to the room, but was taken back by the fact that it was a handicapped room and I wasn’t informed at check-in. The big issue was that this room did not have a tub, and I was looking forward to a bath.

I was a bit upset that I wasn’t told at check-in that I was assigned to a handicapped room, so I messaged on Twitter. I then headed out for dinner, and came back to the room and there was a voicemail from the front desk manager Kyle. He said he was really sorry, and wanted to make up for the inconvenience. We called him back, and he offered a $100 resort credit for breakfast the next morning and waived our resort fee. I greatly appreciated his gesture and his concern for our issue. Too often at these mega resorts you sometimes feel that you are just a number in a pool of thousands of guests, but Kyle made the service feel personal.

Okay, now with that hiccup out of the way, I’ll review the room!

The Room:

The room is massive, clocking in at 725 square feet. I booked a Bella Room with 2 Queen Beds. There are three televisions in the room, one in the bathroom, bedroom and the living room! The sofa also pulls out into a sofabed, which is why this hotel is very popular with college kids and big families as you can fit a lot of people in the room. I did hear a bit of yelling/partying in the room next door but thankfully they stopped at 1am so I still got good sleep.

The furnishings were nicely appointed, to the 4.5/5 star level. The beds were a bit sagging and the linens were okay. The bed overall was more of what I would expect at a 4 star hotel, not quite a 5 star so just keep that in mind. Other than that, the large room was very comfortable.


Due to the handicapped room, the bathroom was designed a bit differently than a typical room. A typical room would have a tub, shower, dual vanity and separate W/C. Our room had one large sink, and no tub.


My view was not bad considering it was on the 7th floor. I actually liked the view. I could see Wynn and the golf course.

Room Service:

The room service breakfast was pretty good! We ordered the night before, for delivery between 8-8:30 and it came at 8:15. Perfect.

The lady delivering the breakfast was very nice and set up the table very quickly!

The ham was quite good, and my favorite was the hashbrowns. They were not your typical hashbrowns, but rather they were quite flavorful! The bacon looked burnt, but it actually wasn’t and was tasty as well.


I was only here a night, so I didn’t have time to visit the gym or anything. The resort fee is $39 a night, and includes your typical wifi, gym, etc. Pretty much every Vegas casino resorts have resort fees now. The plus of the Palazzo is that they don’t charge for parking! MGM and Caesars all charge for parking now (Wynn+ Encore too).

The Palazzo was definitely on the “Mega-Resort” scale as it felt really crowded in the guest elevator landings and walkways. Then again, it was Labor Day Weekend, which could be why it felt so crowded. I do prefer the more boutique feel of Encore, as there is much less people but if you’re in Vegas with friends then the Palazzo’s crowded vibe may appeal to you more.

The Verdict:

If the price is right, I would definitely stay here again. The large rooms are a major plus, and I have to try the tub don’t I? 🙂


You can check out The Palazzo’s TripAdvisor reviews here


Happy travels,